Commercial Picnic Tables – Benefits & Buying GuideCommercial Picnic Tables – Benefits & Buying Guide
Picnic Tables Dec 24, 2020

Commercial Picnic Tables – Benefits & Buying Guide

If you operate a business, administrate a school, lead a church, or manage a park or other public facility, then you need someplace for your respective employees, students, parishioners, and patrons to be able to sit and eat, or just relax and chat. Indoor cafeterias and break rooms are obviously a necessity, but there are also many things you can do to create beneficial outdoor gathering spaces, as well. Picnic shelters and other outdoor structures make a lot of sense, but these won’t do you a whole lot of good unless you also include some built-in tables and seating.

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Some Benefits of Outdoor Picnic Tables

An outdoor picnic table or tables behind your business makes a perfect break spot for employees, and a park picnic table or playground picnic table is a great place for families to gather. And as important as it is to provide a place where folks can sit and eat, there are other benefits that come along with installing commercial picnic tables at your outdoor site.

  • Seating for people of all ages and ability levels
  • Pretty much any public facility would benefit from having available outdoor seating – especially if that outdoor seating is truly available to everyone. Not only are commercial picnic tables great for seating everyone from children to senior adults; there are also picnic table options available which are specifically designed to be ADA-compliant and fully wheelchair-accessible.

  • An activity center for parties and events
  • Need a spot for an outdoor craft project at school, or for hosting a VBS activity at your church? Outdoor picnic tables work well for such purposes, and are also ideal for summer camps, senior centers, and other similar facilities. There’s also no better place to have a birthday party, baby shower, or event reception.

  • Outdoor tables invite people to linger
  • If you have an outdoor venue at your facility, you don’t just want people to come – you want people to stick around once they get there! By installing some outdoor picnic tables, you’re helping to create an inviting space where your guests will feel comfortable gathering and hanging out. Positive customer experience and positive employee experience are both crucial elements of a healthy organizational culture, and having some easily accessible outdoor tables on hand can serve to benefit both CX and EX for your organization.

  • Additional seating for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, etc.
  • If you run any sort of eating establishment, there’s really a lot to be gained by adding some outdoor seating. Many people like to be able to enjoy a meal in the fresh air of the day, or outdoors underneath the stars. Having some outdoor picnic table seating available can also be helpful during those times when you experience a rush of customers and indoor seating is at a premium.

  • Break time outdoors can boost productivity and focus
  • Whether you’re a teacher or school administrator, or whether you’re a manager of a team, you understand that the ability to pay attention and maintain focus is key to the productivity of both students and employees alike. There are some real physical and psychological benefits that go along with being able to step outside of the classroom, or step away from the workplace. Taking in a little bit of fresh air and sunshine around an outdoor picnic table can do wonders!

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Choosing the Right Commercial Picnic Table for Your Site

Your outdoor facility may have a lot going for it, but people’s willingness to visit and use your facility has a lot to do with the essential amenities you choose to provide. So how do you choose the right picnic tables for your outdoor space? Here are a few tips and guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Choose the right material
  • When it comes to picnic table materials, you’ve really got lots of options. There are hardwoods, softwoods, composites, metal picnic tables, and more. What kind of budget do you have to work with? How durable and long-lasting would you like your picnic table to be? What about ease of maintenance? And what about weight restrictions; is this a table you’d like to be able to move around, or are you fine with having it stay at a fixed location?

  • Consider your space availability & needs
  • Commercial picnic tables take up a fair amount of space, and they often come with built-in seating, as well. You’ll need to decide how much seating space you want & need in order to be able to accommodate your target audience. You should also weigh those wants & needs against how much outdoor space you have available at your site.

  • Choose the right size, shape, & configuration
  • Traditional rectangular picnic tables with bench seating are still the most popular choice, but you’ve got plenty of other options available to you, including round tables, tables with curved corners, and tables in all sorts of geometric shapes. There are multiple seating arrangement options, as well.

  • Colors & themes
  • When it comes to color options available to you in a commercial picnic table, you can pretty much go with any color under the sun. In addition, if there’s a common theme, logo, or mascot for your organization, you can incorporate that into your table design, as well. When it comes to the aesthetic possibilities for a commercial picnic table, the only real limit is your imagination!

  • Other amenities & accessories
  • If your commercial picnic table isn’t located underneath a covered shelter or fabric shade, you may want to include a patio umbrella. And don’t forget about other needed site furnishings like trash receptacles and other necessities.

Trust Carolina Recreation & Design for All Your Commercial Picnic Tables & Other Outdoor Site Needs

Carolina Recreation & Design is known for providing the best in picnic shelters, covered structures, playgrounds, and outdoor recreational equipment solutions. But we don’t stop there. Thanks to our partnership with commercial-quality outdoor furnishing manufacturers like Anova Furnishings and Leisure Craft, Inc., we also offer a full selection of commercial picnic tables in all sizes and designs.

There are plenty of dealers out there who want nothing more than to sell you a product, but at Carolina Recreation & Design, we’re much more than just product dealers – we’re real solution providers! Sure, we offer great commercial picnic table products, and we install everything we sell. We’re also happy to help with site preparation, including plumbing, wiring, fencing, landscaping … whatever you may need! We also offer site amenities including benches, trash receptacles, drinking fountains, and even complete outdoor bathroom facilities. At Carolina Recreation & Design, we can take care of everything, from start to finish!

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