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Spray Parks Take Water Play to a Different Level

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Spray Parks for Public & Private Facilities

There aren’t many more fun things for a kid to do on a hot day than being able to cool off on an exciting water playground! Splash pads and spray parks have been around since the 90s, but their popularity has really grown over the past decade. And spray parks aren’t just components of dedicated water parks and amusement parks, either. They can be found in downtown urban areas, at public parks, beside community pools, in resorts, as well as at YMCAs, campgrounds, daycare centers, and even in shopping center developments and outlet malls. And here’s the best news – you can bring all the fun of a spray park to your commercial or nonprofit property in NC, SC, VA, or TN! How? Just let the pros at Carolina Recreation & Design come install a perfect spray park for you!

Spray Parks

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Listen to what some of our many satisfied customers and clients have to say about their experience with Carolina Recreation & Design


I just built a daycare center and called Carolina Recreation & Design to work with me for playground equipment installation. They were great. The crew they sent out was very professional; they followed the timeline they promised. Great company to work with. The playground they gave me will make a lot of kids happy and safe.


Carolina Recreation & Design was very easy to work with when our neighborhood association decided to upgrade the features at the park. From the initial contact to the final inspection, it was a great all-round experience. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to install a commercial playground in their community.


Our church considers Carolina Recreation & Design a part of our family. They have designed and built three play spaces at our church so far. Carolina Recreation & Design creativity, along with their professionalism, make working with them a joy. The final product is safe, current to industry standards, and, most of all, a fun space for the children. We would recommend Carolina Recreation & Design to anyone interested in upgrading their play spaces.


What’s the Difference Between a Splash Pad and a Spray Park?

That’s a good question, since the two terms often get confused. While both splash pads and spray parks are types of wet playgrounds, there are some unique differences.

  • SPLASH PADS – Splash pads are generally designed for use by younger children in the preschool and elementary age categories. For this reason, a splash pad often occupies a smaller footprint than a spray park. And the focus on younger users tends to require a different safety approach for splash pads. For example, even though splash pad equipment can include features which spray or pour water, as a rule there’s little to no standing water on a splash pad. This tends to create a safer environment for smaller, less sure feet, and essentially removes any drowning threat. The absence of standing water also means that splash pads can be operated with little to no staff supervision.
  • SPRAY PARKS – A spray park, on the other hand, is often intended to appeal to users of all ages, so it typically occupies a larger footprint than a splash pad. Spray parks of this nature often have splash pad areas for younger children, while offering more robust play options for older children. The larger footprint of a spray park also allows for a greater diversity of water park equipment and event stations. You can choose from a mix of small, medium and larger water features to give your users a good variety of play options. Some of the options available include static spray features with various spray effects, kinetic features that feature moving equipment, and user-powered features that invite interaction through cranking, pedaling, or rocking in order to generate a water spray.

What are the Benefits of a Spray Park for Businesses, Parks, & Community Organizations?

Many public parks, private parks, country clubs, municipalities, and other organizations have chosen to reap the benefits of investing in a commercial spray park installation. These types of water play features can even be built over the top of existing pool footprints that are no longer being used. Many towns and communities are finding that spray parks are much more cost-effective, simpler to maintain, and easier to staff than traditional pools. But for those who want to keep their pools, some organizations simply choose to integrate a spray park alongside their other existing pool and playground facilities, while others have installed a splash pad as its own stand-alone feature. Whether you’re interested in installing a spray park as an add-on or as a standalone feature, there are several notable features & benefits to keep in mind with a spray park:

  • Customizable – A universal spray mounting system grants you the flexibility to change and rotate spray fixtures whenever you like. This can help to maintain interest among your users, and also motivates people to return for subsequent visits.
  • Revitalize Your Community – If you’re looking for a way create a spark of vitality around an urban center that seems to have lost its appeal? Nothing helps to generate a buzz of excitement like the introduction of a new, accessible, easy-to-use spray park that’s fun for the whole family!
  • Draw Young Families – And speaking of engaging with families, one of the best ways to attract families with children is to provide something that children are known to enjoy. To that end, there aren’t many things more fun than an exciting water-based playground!
  • Steady Revenue Generator – You may choose to charge an admission fee for access to your spray park, but not all spray park owners do so. But if you don’t charge admission, how will you generate revenue? Here are some insights:
    • Add shelters/pavilions around the perimeter of your spray park that families and groups can rent by the hour, or by the day – these are great for hosting birthday parties, family gatherings, and other events.
    • Add concession stands around your splash pad to provide revenue through food, beverage, and ice cream sales.
    • Businesses located in close proximity to your spray park will see an uptick in foot traffic as well – especially restaurants and gas stations.
    • There are other creative ways to leverage your spray park as a revenue generator, as well – just use your imagination!

Carolina Recreation & Design Installs the Best Spray Park Solutions

Whenever people do an internet search for “spray park near me,” you want them to find your organization. Carolina Recreation & Design can make that happen for you! No matter what you’re looking for in a spray park solution, we can provide it! We’ll help you choose and design the perfect spray park for your property, and we have all sorts of water features, fountain options, and amenities you can choose from as well:

  • Above-ground mounted dump buckets
  • Showers, jets, mists, and aqua tunnels
  • Interactive multi-play features
  • A plethora of child-friendly aqua forms and aqua shapes
  • Embedded LED lights
  • Water slides
  • Rubber safety coatings for wetted surfaces
  • Young child-accessible features like water tables and discovery streams
  • Fabric sun shades to shield from harmful UV rays
  • Seating, outdoor shelters, trash receptacles, restroom facilities, and other essential amenities

One thing that truly sets Carolina Recreation & Design apart in NC, SC, VA, and TN is the fact that we’re much more than just a product vendor. We also offer complete site preparation and installation services, including all necessary plumbing and wiring. We can also provide any other site amenities you might need, including bathroom facilities, changing rooms, benches, picnic tables, shade structures, pavilions, drinking fountains, trash receptacles, and more. In other words, we offer real turnkey solutions, and we can take care of everything from start to finish!

We’ve installed water play facilities at Dobson Town Square, Melvin Park, Royal Giants Park, Spring Lake Recreation Center, and Newton Recreation Center (among others), and we can do the same for your organization. Got questions about spray park options or pricing? Ready to get started? Just give us a call today at (704) 664-1833, or you can also connect with us online by filling out this simple form. Carolina Recreation & Design has all your spray park and other outdoor site needs covered!

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