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HOA Playground Equipment

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Playground Equipment for HOAs

While there are master-planned communities designed to serve senior adults and other specific categories, by and large, the most popular type of HOA community is that intended for families. Communities like these typically include amenities that simply aren’t found in other neighborhoods, including a higher level of both security and convenience. But if your HOA includes a lot of young families, then it’s also a safe bet that there will be lots of young children included among your list of residents. And because this is true, one of the most essential amenities you should plan to include in your HOA neighborhood is a playground for children. The good news? When it comes to providing custom playgrounds and commercial play equipment, nobody takes better care of your needs than the Carolina Recreation & Design team!

HOA Playground Equipment

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Listen to what some of our many satisfied customers and clients have to say about their experience with Carolina Recreation & Design


I just built a daycare center and called Carolina Recreation & Design to work with me for playground equipment installation. They were great. The crew they sent out was very professional; they followed the timeline they promised. Great company to work with. The playground they gave me will make a lot of kids happy and safe.


Carolina Recreation & Design was very easy to work with when our neighborhood association decided to upgrade the features at the park. From the initial contact to the final inspection, it was a great all-round experience. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to install a commercial playground in their community.


Our church considers Carolina Recreation & Design a part of our family. They have designed and built three play spaces at our church so far. Carolina Recreation & Design creativity, along with their professionalism, make working with them a joy. The final product is safe, current to industry standards, and, most of all, a fun space for the children. We would recommend Carolina Recreation & Design to anyone interested in upgrading their play spaces.


Benefits of Providing HOA Playground Structures for Children

Honestly, there are quite a few benefits offered to the children in your HOA community by your decision to have some commercial outdoor play equipment installed. Here are just a few:

  • Encourages children to play outdoors, which is incredibly important in this device-focused, digital age
  • Improves children’s physical health, and also aids in essential development of motor skills
  • Helps children develop better social skills, and grows their interpersonal communication skills
  • Enables children to become more imaginative and creative through their playground experience
  • Allows children the opportunity to blow off some steam, and provides some needed stress relief

And of course, it isn’t just the children of your HOA community who benefit from having playground equipment conveniently located right onsite. Your HOA community itself will gain some important benefits, too:

  • Creates an opportunity for parents to connect with other parents while their children are playing
  • Gives new residents a chance to meet & interact with neighbors in a more casual, non-threatening manner
  • Promotes a more cohesive community identity, and establishes a sense of real community pride
  • Makes your HOA community more attractive for homebuyers who are looking to relocate!
HOA Playground Equipment

Things to Keep in Mind for Your HOA Playground Equipment Installation

Today’s home buyers aren’t just looking for a “nice house.” They’re also looking for a neighborhood that offers convenient access to the amenities they desire – like playgrounds and fitness trails. What the HOA neighborhood itself has to offer is every bit as important as finding a home with granite countertops. Keeping all that in mind, here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind as you plan for your HOA playground:

    • Location of existing structures

Where your already-existing structures are located will obviously play a big role in helping to determine what available space you have for a children’s playground facility, and where it would be best to situate your playground. Knowing your amount of available space will also help you to decide which play features you can include; every play area has its own use zone, which also includes space for required safety surfacing.

    • Location of nearby trees and overhangs

As would be the case with any construction project, you’ll also want to be mindful of any nearby trees, overhanging limbs, or other types of natural or artificial overhangs. The general rule of thumb for playground structures is that you need at least 8” of clearance between the top of the highest playable surface and any overhang. This rule applies to any shade structures you might want to install, too.

    • Local building codes and ordinances

Depending upon your specific location, there may also be some local codes and ordinances that apply to how play structures and playground areas are installed. If you’re not sure which regulations are in force for your install site, just reach out to your local municipal or county building authority.

    • Location of any underground utilities

If there are any buried utilities located within or near your intended playground site, those will need to be researched, identified, and clearly marked well in advance of any planned installation. It’s much better to be safe than sorry!

    • Nearest available electrical outlets & water sources

Whether or not you intend to wire your play area for lights or for other electrical accessories, you’ll still need to identify the location of the nearest available electrical outlets; your installation and site preparation team may need access to these. The same goes for nearby available water sources and spigots, as well. Plus, in the event that you choose to install some water fountains, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of where your water sources are onsite.

HOA Playground Equipment

What Kind of Features Do You Want in an HOA Playground?

If you’re looking to take full advantage of your playground – both for the benefit of your residents, as well as for your HOA itself – then these are some of the features and things you’ll want to keep in mind as you choose play equipment items and plan for your outdoor playground site.

    • Community Building

If you’re an HOA manager, then you know that today’s homebuyers are looking for more than just attractive housing and good schools. They’re also looking for communities rich in amenities, as they probably plan to spend a significant amount of their free time within the HOA grounds. Well-shaded community playground equipment, picnic areas, grilling areas, outdoor fitness areas, dog parks, and even splash pads are quickly being incorporated by the best HOAs.

    • Customizable

As is the case with many homeowner’s associations, your HOA probably has its own set of rules and guidelines when it comes to permissible structural colors, designs, noise allowances, and other concerns. If that’s true for you, then you’ll appreciate having access to play structures, playgrounds, and other recreational products which are completely customizable according to your needs. That way, you can ensure that your playground and its design will fall in line with community expectations, and will also seamlessly mesh within the guidelines of your HOA.

    • Variety of Equipment & Applications

We’ve established the importance of providing a community playground for the children of your HOA, but the reality is that your residents are comprised of more than just children. What recreational equipment should you also plan to provide for your adults, teenagers, and senior adults? Perhaps you want to encourage outdoor fitness options as part of an active lifestyle neighborhood. You could consider adding a fitness trail, or a circuit of outdoor exercise stations. Take a look at the sun exposure of your community outdoor space, as well. It might be wise to add some shade structures, as well.

    • Durable

If your HOA is prepared to invest in an outdoor play facility, the last thing you need is for your equipment to start breaking down quickly. HOA playground equipment typically sees heavy sustained usage, so you really want to choose a playground that will last. For that and other reasons, professionally-engineered commercial playground equipment is really the best way to go. It’s manufactured with the best-quality materials, and also comes with the longest-lasting coatings and treatments.

    • Low-Maintenance

Another consideration in meeting your ongoing operations budget is to have a playground which is relatively maintenance-free. One clear advantage of choosing well-made outdoor recreational products is the fact that they’re made with high-quality, commercial-grade materials – meaning they won’t need much in the way of maintenance and upkeep. There are several good, low-maintenance safety surfacing options available, as well.

    • Safe

Anytime children are involved, then maintaining a safe environment is always of paramount concern. And creating playground areas which are both SAFE and FUN is a cornerstone of what we’re able to deliver for you at Carolina Recreation & Design. Every product we offer, and every resulting installation we provide, is specifically designed and engineered with children’s safety in mind. In fact, all of our commercial recreational equipment either meets or exceeds every relevant safety regulation and standard in place for children’s playground areas.

    • Inclusive

No matter who should decide to move into your HOA neighborhood, you want everyone to feel welcome at your playground, and in your community. Carolina Recreation & Design offers a full range of inclusive play structures for children of all ages, sizes, and ability levels. All of our inclusive play components are designed to keep children safe, while also giving them their own opportunities to play, explore, be engaged, and have fun!

Carolina Recreation & Design Is Your Ideal Playground Equipment Solution for HOAs

Carolina Recreation and Design offers a fantastic selection of commercial playground designs and plays structures for children, along with other valuable fitness features and recreational equipment that will add value to your HOA community. And Carolina Recreation & Design does much more than just provide quality equipment and structures. We also install everything we sell, and we can come alongside to help you with everything from site design, to site prep, to playground safety surfacing, fabric shades, covered outdoor shelters, essential site furnishings, and more. Because we’re also general contractors, we can also take care of things like necessary permits, electrical, water & sewer, fencing, landscaping, masonry … whatever you need! We don’t just offer great recreational product solutions; we go the extra mile to provide real turnkey solutions, from start to finish!

Got some questions? Ready to get started? Just give us a call at (704) 664-1833! If you prefer, you can also choose to connect with us online through this simple form. Carolina Recreation & Design has all your HOA playground and outdoor recreational facility needs covered!

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