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Arbors for Public & Private Facilities

Arbors are typically designed as archways that serve both as an entrance to a garden area, as well as a structure upon which vines, plants, and flowers can grow. An arbor is another example of a freestanding, outdoor specialty structure offered by Carolina Recreation & Design, which comes with its own unique function and design. An arbor is a curved or square-cornered structure which is commonly seen in parks and around garden areas, resorts, community centers, HOAs, and other areas. Some arbors include a gate, creating a tunnel or overhang effect for garden entrances, paths, or walkways. Many people naturally associate climbing plants with arbors and trellises, but that’s really up to you.

Thanks to our partnership with quality manufacturers like Icon Shelter Systems and Engineered Wood Structures, Carolina Recreation & Design can provide whatever you might need in wood or metal arbor. We also offer a variety of shelter-related accessories and site amenities to make your outdoor facility absolutely perfect!


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Listen to what some of our many satisfied customers and clients have to say about their experience with Carolina Recreation & Design


I just built a daycare center and called Carolina Recreation & Design to work with me for playground equipment installation. They were great. The crew they sent out was very professional; they followed the timeline they promised. Great company to work with. The playground they gave me will make a lot of kids happy and safe.


Carolina Recreation & Design was very easy to work with when our neighborhood association decided to upgrade the features at the park. From the initial contact to the final inspection, it was a great all-round experience. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to install a commercial playground in their community.


Our church considers Carolina Recreation & Design a part of our family. They have designed and built three play spaces at our church so far. Carolina Recreation & Design creativity, along with their professionalism, make working with them a joy. The final product is safe, current to industry standards, and, most of all, a fun space for the children. We would recommend Carolina Recreation & Design to anyone interested in upgrading their play spaces.


Design Possibilities for Arbors

Our arbors offer an amazing range of design options. Here are just some of the arbor choices available to you through Carolina Recreation & Design:

  • Choose from either freestanding or attached structure options. Our arbors can be incorporated into a fence or hedge, can function as a gate, or can be constructed as standalone shelters that include bench seating.
  • Here are a few popular arbor style choices:
    • Classic Arch – include straight walls and a rounded, arched top
    • Moon Gate – wide arbor that looks like a half or three-quarter moon, with curved sides
    • Grape Arbor – resembles a small pergola, including a flat top which is well-suited for holding heavy vines like grape or similar species
    • Gabled Arbor – has straight sides with a pitched roof that extends past the sides. This is a more decorative option than the classic arch.
    • Benched Arbor – not designed as a passthrough point, but rather as an anchor point for your garden area. Includes a bench in the back, and offers more space for plants to grow.
  • Where to place your arbor? With Carolina Recreation & Design, that’s completely your call! We can install anywhere on your site, from shaded areas to full-sun areas, from patios to decks to concrete areas to garden areas. You tell us what you want, and we can make it happen for you!

Diverse Applications for Arbors

What can you do with an arbor? It’s often included as a walkthrough feature where you can train plants to grow in your garden area, but arbors aren’t just limited to that:

  • Provide shade and shelter for your garden space
  • Great space for walking and connecting with friends & family
  • Nice spot for hosting intimate wedding ceremonies
  • Physical landmark you can decorate for any season
  • By adding some ground lights or pin lighting, arbors become wonderful locations for night-time walks or gatherings
  • Peaceful site for prayer, meditation, and contemplation
  • Perfect host for both annual and perennial climbing plants

Carolina Recreation & Design for All Your Outdoor Arbor Needs

One thing that makes Carolina Recreation & Design different is the fact that we don’t just sell arbors, outdoor structures, playgrounds, and recreational equipment. We install everything we sell, and we also happen to be experts at site design, landscaping, and finishing services!

Want to wire your arbor with some soft lighting for evening strolls? We can do it! Need some fencing, landscaping, brick, or stonework? How about some metal scrollwork? We can take care of that for you, too! Our goal is to provide you with a complete, convenient outdoor solution, no matter what you need or want for your particular facility.

Need some more information? Got any particular questions about arbors, other structures, or other services we offer? Give us a call today at (704) 664-1833 You can also reach out to us online by filling out this simple form. Carolina Recreation & Design has all your arbor, outdoor structure, and outdoor recreational needs covered!

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