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Play Equipment for Churches

Churches are typically some of the key social pillars of their respective communities, and should also be seen as great resources for families. Are you ready to help make your church more relevant for local families? Then it’s high time to install some commercial church play equipment for the benefit of your members’ children, as well as for the benefit of the children in your community.

Carolina Recreation & Design is your one-stop shop for the perfect commercial playground accessories, play structures, playsets, and other outdoor playground equipment in all the cities of South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Our products are designed to provide years of enjoyment for children of all ages and abilities. Moreover, you can add different shade structures, themed playground equipment, and many other accessories to your worship center, schools, preschools, and church daycare. Our experts can help you select the right equipment according to your needs and budget. Contact us today at (704) 664-1833 to get started.

Church Playground Equipment

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Listen to what some of our many satisfied customers and clients have to say about their experience with Carolina Recreation & Design


I just built a daycare center and called Carolina Recreation & Design to work with me for playground equipment installation. They were great. The crew they sent out was very professional; they followed the timeline they promised. Great company to work with. The playground they gave me will make a lot of kids happy and safe.


Carolina Recreation & Design was very easy to work with when our neighborhood association decided to upgrade the features at the park. From the initial contact to the final inspection, it was a great all-round experience. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to install a commercial playground in their community.


Our church considers Carolina Recreation & Design a part of our family. They have designed and built three play spaces at our church so far. Carolina Recreation & Design creativity, along with their professionalism, make working with them a joy. The final product is safe, current to industry standards, and, most of all, a fun space for the children. We would recommend Carolina Recreation & Design to anyone interested in upgrading their play spaces.


Benefits of Church Play Equipment for Children

Honestly, there are more than a few reasons to have a well-designed, safe, and FUN playground installed at your church, worship center, or related facility. Commercial playgrounds for church facilities are designed for children to be able to get some needed exercise, develop both motor & social skills, and also be able to enjoy themselves at the same time! Here are just a few specific benefits:

    • The value of offering outdoor play

Multiple studies confirm the many positive benefits of allowing children opportunities to play outdoors. It gets kids away from their screens, allows them to get some fresh air and sunshine, promotes the development of needed motor skills, and also just gives kids space to have some fun! Some folks wrongly assume that church can’t be fun, but having a commercial playground on-site can help your church to turn that assumption on its head for the folks you’re trying to reach.

    • Playgrounds help kids to build friendships & develop needed social skills

Church playgrounds are great places for kids to be able to make some new friends, and also help kids to develop some important social skills, too. Among other things, a playground can help teach the importance of teamwork, empathy, and patience (learned through waiting for your turn to use a swing, seesaw, or other play equipment feature). Learning to interact with others in healthy ways is a skill that will serve all children well, at church or anyplace else!

    • Playgrounds serve to attract young families

Being able to attract young families is a goal for practically every church in America. Is your church serious about attracting families with children? Then quit putting it off, and decide to install a bright, new, commercial playground on your church property! Plus, if your church is interested in starting a preschool or daycare program, then having your own playground on site isn’t just a good idea – it’s a real legal necessity.

    • The presence of a playground sends a positive message

A playground is an inviting feature for your church property and can add some nice curb appeal in its own right. Plus, it sends a positive message about your church to the community, letting folks know that your church really does care about children. It also lets people know that your church recognizes how to have fun – something for which the church isn’t knew.

    • “If You Like Our Playground, You’ll Love Our Church!”

This message is conveyed on signage found at the playground installed by Carolina Recreation & Design for the Fair View UMC of Mooresville, NC, and it really does a great job of putting into words the kinds of impact that having the right church playground installed can have for your church. In this case, the church designed to post this sign to let community members know they are welcome to visit both the church playground, as well as the church itself. What kind of message would you like for your church playground to be able to communicate with your community?

Church Playground Equipment

A Few Considerations for Installing a Church Playground

So, you know you want and need a playground for your church. But how should you design your playground? And which types of play equipment do you want to include? What features should you be looking for in commercial play equipment and standalone play features? Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

    • Where will your playground be located?

Consider how much space you have available, along with the lay of the land in terms of terrain, as well as sun exposure. Will you need to grade to smooth out some uneven ground? Would it be wise to add a shade canopy or canopies? Are there nearby trees which either can’t be removed, or that you don’t really want to remove, which might affect how your equipment needs to be arranged? And if you’re not sure about how to best answer these questions, the pros at Carolina Recreation & Design can help!

    • Who will be using the equipment?

Playground equipment designed for older children really isn’t age-appropriate for toddlers, and vice-versa. Consider the typical age range of the kids you expect to be taking advantage of your play equipment, and be sure to plan accordingly. Got any special needs children in your congregation? Or just want to make your playground as accessible as possible for children of different ability levels? Then you’ll definitely want to consider adding some inclusive play equipment. Most places of worship seek to be accepting of everyone, so your playground should be welcoming to children of all ages and ability levels, too.

    • How will the play equipment be incorporated into your church programs?

Are you just installing a commercial playground to give children someplace to play, or do you also intend to use it as part of your children’s programming strategy? If it’s mainly intended for pure-play value, look for some safe, fun equipment that will help children to develop in a generally balanced manner. If you intend for your equipment to be used more intentionally by Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School programs, after-school programs, etc., then you may want to gain feedback from each of those respective stakeholders about the type of playground you want to create for your church.

    • What’s your budget for the project?

Like most anything else the church does, you most likely operate by a specified budget when it comes to projects like having a commercial playground installed for church and community use. Because that’s true, we understand that you want to be able to land upon a church playground solution that’s practical, effective, and affordable in terms of your allocated budget. The team at Carolina Recreation & Design is here to help you find the best options for your particular congregation, while also keeping your particular budget in mind. You may also be able to create a phase-based playground plan, allowing you to install play equipment one phase at a time, in accordance with your available funds and planned timetable for project completion.

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