Bleacher Shade Structures

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Bleacher Shade Covers for Public Stadiums & Private Facilities

If attracting spectators to your sports facility and other outdoor locations is important to you, then it’s also important for you to ensure their comfort while visiting with you. Enjoying sports or other outdoor events can be an exhilarating experience for fans and patrons, as long as you make the proper preparations to ensure they’re protected from overexposure to the sun. Installing a commercial shade structure is an ideal way to help your visitors feel like they’ve got it made in the shade! Carolina Recreation & Design has the perfect solutions for shielding bleachers, dugouts, concourses, amphitheaters, and much more!

Bleacher Shade Structures

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Benefits of a Bleacher Shade Structure

How can a bleacher shade structure benefit your sports facility or other outdoor venues? Nobody likes being left out in the sun and other harsh elements for extended periods of time. Offering some built-in protection for your fans, athletic participants, and performers alike are the best way to ensure that people will come to your facility, stick around longer, and also want to come back. Here are just a few specific benefits of utilizing bleacher and grandstand shading:

  • Enhances the Overall Fan Experience

It’s hard to enjoy an outdoor event if you’re getting sunburned and overheated! Having the right bleacher shade structure in place will help protect your fans and visitors from sun and heat exposure dangers.

  • Enables Patrons to Stay Engaged with the Action

Covering your spectating areas and common areas with bleacher shade will keep folks cooler and help them remain engaged by what’s going on out on the field. Covering your concessions area will also encourage folks to venture over and make more purchases!

  • Reduces Annoying Glare

If your fans can’t see the action because of solar glare, they can become pretty frustrated. And if your athletes or participants have to fight too much glare, they won’t be able to perform to their potential, either. Shade structures help to eliminate this problem by ensuring that everyone involved has a clear line of sight.

  • Keeps Your Athletes and Performers Protected

The shade isn’t just a necessity for your spectators; it’s also important to provide needed shade for your athletes and/or performers, too. Covers for dugouts, team benches, and similar areas can help reduce the threats of dehydration, overheating, sunburn, and other related impacts.

  • Shields Your Facility from Weather Impacts

The right shade structure can also help keep your facility in prime condition and make it easier to maintain. A shade structure can do more than protect your stadium area from the sun. It can also be engineered to be waterproof, offering even better protection from adverse weather elements.

Bleacher Shade Structures

Bleacher Shade Structure Design Options

Which type of design, look, or functionality would you prefer for shading your stadium, seating area, or common areas? There are a number of popular bleacher shade structures and shade canopy options available to you, like these:

  • Sail shade designs

Sail shades are a popular solution for spaces of all sizes. Multi-sided sails come in a number of patterns, shapes, and configurations, and can be layered to provide very effective open-air coverage for both activity areas and spectator areas alike.

  • Cantilever shades

Cantilever shades extend out from a minimum of needed support posts. These are great for areas that need reliable shade protection, but don’t necessarily offer much available ground space to work with. These work well for seating areas, walkways, dugouts, driving ranges, and more.

  • Dome shades

A standard, steel-framed hip shade design is a versatile, economical way to provide shade in a variety of settings. Multi-dome hips are great solutions for sports complex seating or similar configurations and can be engineered to provide coverage for very large areas.

  • Umbrella shade options

Umbrella-style shades are typically supported by a single post (double post designs are also available), which can be configured with either a central, off-center, or cantilever-style post structure. These work well for concession, kiosk, or individual seating areas. Umbrella shades come in fixed styles, as well as styles that can be retractable, portable, or both!

  • Specialty and custom shades

Perhaps you have some unique shading needs that don’t seem to fall neatly under any of the above-mentioned categories. Not to worry! Specialty shades can be designed to cover patio areas, porches, decks, or other areas as well. If you need a custom shade, Carolina Recreation & Design can work with you to make sure you get the exact shade structure you need!

Bleacher Shade Structures

Some Features of a Commercial Bleacher Shade Cover or Bleacher Canopy

Hopefully, we’ve established the need for having some reliable bleacher shade in place for your outdoor spectator facility. The bleacher shade will help keep your play equipment and seating from getting too hot, which is really a potential safety issue if you leave your space uncovered. A reliable shade structure also protects participants and visitors from receiving too much UV exposure. But what makes a commercial shade canopy the right choice for your venue?

  • With the proper materials and design, a commercial bleacher shade cover can increase shade factor by up to 97%
  • Prevents harmful UVA and UVB rays from reaching your spectators
  • Can help cool ambient temperature by up to 20-30 degrees F
  • Prevents hot surfaces on bleachers, benches, equipment, and other features which would otherwise be prone to exposure
  • Reduces painful glare
  • Prolongs the useful life and longevity of your covered areas
  • Engineered to endure predetermined wind and snow loads
  • Heavy-duty bleacher shade structure framing won’t rot and doesn’t foster mold or mildew
  • Steel framing is powder-coated and comes in several color options
  • Bleacher shade fabrics are built to last, come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and resist fading
  • Cable-tensioned fabrics resist sagging or vibrating

Carolina Recreation & Design for All Your Bleacher Shade & Outdoor Shade Needs

Whether you need shading for a stadium, grandstand, dugout area, concession zone, walkway, playground, patio, or all of the above, Carolina Recreation & Design has you covered! Plus, we do more than just sell quality bleacher shade structures and products; Carolina Recreation & Design actually provides full-service solutions including installation, site design, site preparation, utilities, fencing, landscaping, and much more! We also offer a full complement of site furnishings & amenities to help make your venue complete and ready to receive visitors!

Ready to learn more about what we have to offer in terms of shade structures and other needed outdoor facilities and services? Just give us a call today at (704) 664-1833, or reach out to us online through this simple form. Go ahead and get in touch with your friends at Carolina Recreation & Design; we’ll have you made-in-the-shade in no time!

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