How to Plan & Create a Perfect Outdoor Venue for Music EngagementHow to Plan & Create a Perfect Outdoor Venue for Music Engagement
Musical Playground Equipment Oct 01, 2020

How to Plan & Create a Perfect Outdoor Venue for Music Engagement

Considering setting aside some space on your business or nonprofit organization property as a dedicated outdoor music park? That’s really a great idea! Outdoor music spaces are a wonderful way to engage performers, spectators, families, and enthusiasts of all ages. Historically, municipalities and local parks & rec departments have taken the most initiative in designing and implementing music parks into various public areas, but that’s far from an exhaustive list of modern possibilities. More and more organizations are now embracing the idea of creating their own outdoor musical spaces, including schools, community centers, playground areas, arts & cultural centers, resort areas & popular destination locations, hospitals, military bases, and even senior centers and active living communities.

Options to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Space for Music Engagement

What should you make plans to include in your organization’s custom outdoor music venue? Much of that will really depend upon key factors like how much space you have available, along with your budget allowance for an outdoor music space project. You should really begin by deciding who your specific target audience is; who are you hoping to attract and engage with your music park? Will it be focused on any specific ages or other demographic groupings? And if you’re hoping to reach families, it would be wise to include some specific music engagement and immersion opportunities for children, as well. Here are some possibilities that are worth considering for your outdoor music park:

  • Performance venues

When you mention the phrase “outdoor music park,” one of the first things that come to mind for many people is an amphitheater with a stage. Honestly, it’s hard to conceive of a music park that doesn’t include some dedicated space for music performances. When designing your own facility, also remember that not all performances need to be programmed or formal. Whenever there isn’t a concert on the calendar, you could also allow your stage area to be available for improvisational, creative play, and engagement.

  • Engaging play spaces

Speaking of engagement, if you’re serious about engaging families with children, then creating an adjacent musical play space for children is a perfect opportunity for your business or organization. Choosing to include the right outdoor musical playground equipment and music play features is a great way to boost both the developmental and multi-generational engagement values of your space.

  • Nature spaces

Designing a space that weaves music and nature together in meaningful ways helps to create a rich, multisensory experience for your visitors. Include some garden space, planting, and special landscaping features. Alternatively, you can also plan to just plant your music park right in the middle of some already-established outdoor garden space. It’s also fun to decorate your space with some seasonal colors, textures, and smells.

  • Linear pathway networks

If you’re located in a park setting – or just want to create a real park-like experience for your guests – you might consider creating some connected musical experiences along a pathway or trail. This could also be a fun and creative way to link your performance venue, children’s musical play equipment, and natural spaces in a seamless fashion.

  • Seating and amenities

Obviously, you want to make plans for some designated seating areas around your amphitheater or performance stages. Inserting some benches around your children’s play areas, and every so often along any walkways or trails, makes good sense as well. Make sure to keep necessary amenities like trash receptacles, water fountains, bathroom facilities, etc. in mind as you fine-tune your site plan, as well.

  • Shade and shelter

Anytime you’re making plans for an outdoor facility of any type, you should make some allowances for offering shade (natural, artificial, or both). Some people are particularly light- and/or heat-sensitive, and prolonged sun exposure really can be harmful to anyone. Nearby trees can offer some natural shade, but none are nearby there are several great shade structures you can consider installing, including gazebos, shelters, and fabric shade canopies or shade sails. 

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