Playing Outdoors: A Well-Rounded Learning Experience for School-Age Children
Outdoor Playground Equipment Sep 11, 2020

Playing Outdoors: A Well-Rounded Learning Experience for School-Age Children

Playing outdoors isn’t just something that’s fun for children. Outdoor play is really a necessity for the individual growth and development of each child.

A Few Noted Benefits of Outdoor Play

Here just a few reasons why outdoor play is important:

  • Better overall physical health
  • Opportunity to strengthen motor skills
  • Stress relief
  • Fuels and enables greater creativity

Creating Outdoor Learning Areas & Spaces

Here are a few elements that are beneficial to incorporate into a proper outdoor play environment:

Outdoor Learning Area Suggested Activities and Materials

Quiet Area

This is a space for passive activities, stations, and materials to help children transition into an outdoor play space.

Provide materials for coloring, painting, & reading, and you might also spread some blankets around for lounging.

Manipulative Area

Manipulatives are activities or materials that children can navigate with their hands; great for helping develop fine-motor skills.

Set up building blocks under a picnic shelter, or create a pottery station. For older children, try jewelry making, woodworking, or sewing.

Physical Area
These are play elements and events which involve more gross-motor activity.

Playground equipment, freestanding structures, swings, and sports activities are just a few available options.


Some Popular Playground Equipment Choices

Outdoor playgrounds are perfect places for children to exercise, develop skills, and have fun! Here are a few popular commercial playground elements worth considering:

  • Integrated Play Systems & Structures
  • Individual Components like Climbers, Slides, Bridges, & Motion Events
  • Freestanding Riders, Play Vehicles, Net Effects, & Balance Structures
  • Swings & Swing sets

Ready to learn more about the elements of a well-rounded outdoor play environment? Then head over to view the complete outdoor play infographic, presented by your friends at Carolina Recreation & Design!