Planning a Commercial Playground Installation? Go with a Themed Playground That Really InspiresPlanning a Commercial Playground Installation? Go with a Themed Playground That Really Inspires
Playground Equipment Sep 26, 2022

Planning a Commercial Playground Installation? Go with a Themed Playground That Really Inspires

Playgrounds are fun.

It’s probably an understatement to say that playgrounds are fun for children.

Playgrounds have been a staple of schools, parks, and community centers for generations; you probably have some fond playground memories from your own formative years, in fact. But as fun as taking advantage of some outdoor play on the playground is, it can be taken to an even higher level on a themed playground.

Want to help your playground stand out in the minds of children and families? Interested in giving your commercial playground a greater “wow” factor? Then go with some themed playground equipment. This is a great way to give your playground a central focal point and to create a unique play experience that your young playground users won’t soon forget. Children love to create their own mental worlds through play, and you can fuel their imaginations by incorporating themed design elements into your custom playground with Carolina Recreation & Design!

What are some benefits of themed outdoor play for children?

There are honestly several benefits to bear in mind. Whenever you choose to build your playground around a central theme, you make your outdoor play area a more engaging space for children. And since everyone knows that play is central to a child’s growth and development, it makes sense to make your commercial playground as engaging for children as possible!

  • Themes like barnyards, castles, trains, planes, and pirate ships help to nurture children’s imaginations and expand their mental horizons.
  • Connecting the various elements of your play space with a central theme helps to unify the whole experience and make it even more memorable for the children who participate.
  • Themed elements also make it easier for children of different developmental stages and ability levels to be able to create their own meaningful play experiences. This serves to help develop better inductive reasoning skills in growing minds, as well.
  • Engaging themes serve to bring the play experience to life for both younger children and older children alike.
  • Outdoor playground themes also benefit children in other tangible ways, too. This includes improving health & motor skills, developing better social skills, and enabling a more positive mental state and general overall mood.

Why adding themed elements makes sense for your playground environment.

It goes without saying that commercial playgrounds are meant to be played upon. But the best playgrounds are intentionally designed to engage children on multiple levels. And one of the best ways to achieve that goal is to build your playground around a central theme or related themes. With a themed commercial playground, you can incorporate the theme you choose into every aspect of your play area – from the play structures themselves to the surrounding architecture, all the way down to the particulars of the borders and landscaping.

By creating a fleshed-out virtual world for children to be able to investigate and explore, you’re opening the door for play to occur in a manner that’s more vibrant and storylike. Through the power of stories, children can go beyond mere play and can begin to flex their skills in important areas like decision-making and inductive reasoning. And once it’s time to leave and go home or go back to class, it won’t be long before they beg their parents or teachers to bring them back to your themed playground again!

A sample of themed play systems, play components, & freestanding elements we offer at Carolina Recreation & Design.

What kind of themed park or custom play project can you build with Carolina Recreation & Design? Honestly, your imagination is the only real limit. Want to go with a barnyard or agricultural theme? No problem. What about a larger-than-life baseball theme or other sports-related themes? We do those too. Want to include some exhilarating themed water play elements? We’ve got you there, too. Here’s a small sampling of some things we can do for your school, park, church, club, or other outdoor community play facility:

  • As we mentioned before, some of the more popular commercial playground themes we see at Carolina Recreation & Design include barnyards, castles, trains, planes, pirate ships, and playground sets which incorporate musical playground equipment. We can also help to explore other space themes, aviation themes, farm themes, treehouse themes, wild west themes, and more.
  • Water plays elements allow children of all ages and abilities to get their hands wet while experiencing interactive play, which features the dynamics of both flowing water and sand.
  • We’ve got a multitude of friendly creatures to offer for your playground, ranging from bears to bugs in all shapes and sizes. These beautiful designs can honestly be considered as outdoor art, but it’s the art that kids can actually play on!
  • At Carolina Recreation & Design, we’re also equipped to help design and install both outdoor structures and landscaping that will flow seamlessly with your chosen theme.

Carolina Recreation & Design has all of your outdoor playground, themed playground, and site-specific needs covered!

Carolina Recreation & Design is your preferred provider and installer of commercial playgrounds, themed playground equipment, outdoor recreation equipment, fitness equipment, shelters, and shade structures in NC, SC, VA, and TN. We’re also happy to install any playground safety surfacing, handrails, barriers, fabric shades, mounted cameras, and other essential site amenities and furnishings you may need.

Oh, and did we mention? We’re general contractors as well, so we can take care of site preparation, permitting, electrical, water, sewer, fencing, landscaping, masonry, or whatever else you may need to create your perfect outdoor facility in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, or Tennessee. At Carolina Recreation & Design, we’re more than just a playground equipment dealer; we’re a provider of complete, turnkey solutions!

Got questions? Ready to get your project started? Give us a call today at (704) 664-1833! You can also reach out to us online by filling out this simple form. We’re all about providing you with the absolute best value for your investment while maintaining a clear focus on SAFETY and keeping a keen eye for FUN! Carolina Recreation & Design has you covered!

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