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PlP Safety Surfacing for Playgrounds

Pour In Place Rubber Playground Surfacing, Poured in Place Surfacing, PIP Playground Surface

PIP Playground Safety Surfacing for Public & Private Facilities

Why is poured-in-place (PIP) rubber surfacing the most popular playground surface choice among school playgrounds and city parks? It’s really about the fact that it’s such a safe surface, but there are other things that contribute to the popularity of PIP safety surfacing, too. It comes in a variety of color and design options, it’s a clean surface with a high percentage of recycled rubber content, and it’s incredibly impact-resistant.

PIP Safety Surfacing

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Listen to what some of our many satisfied customers and clients have to say about their experience with Carolina Recreation & Design


I just built a daycare center and called Carolina Recreation & Design to work with me for playground equipment installation. They were great. The crew they sent out was very professional; they followed the timeline they promised. Great company to work with. The playground they gave me will make a lot of kids happy and safe.


Carolina Recreation & Design was very easy to work with when our neighborhood association decided to upgrade the features at the park. From the initial contact to the final inspection, it was a great all-round experience. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to install a commercial playground in their community.


Our church considers Carolina Recreation & Design a part of our family. They have designed and built three play spaces at our church so far. Carolina Recreation & Design creativity, along with their professionalism, make working with them a joy. The final product is safe, current to industry standards, and, most of all, a fun space for the children. We would recommend Carolina Recreation & Design to anyone interested in upgrading their play spaces.


Benefits of PIP Playground Safety Surfacing

What’s so great about PIP safety surfacing? Plenty! For starters, it’s highly durable, permeable, and slip-resistant. It provides reliable cushioned comfort, and it can also be customized to match the exact look, theme, and design features you want for your playground. Here are just a few more key benefits worth mentioning:

  • PIP is the toughest rubber surfacing available and is ideal for heavy-use recreational spaces
  • It meets all the accessibility standards set forth in ADA guidelines
  • PIP needs less routine maintenance than many other comparable safety surfaces
  • Your PIP system can be customized to meet the unique fall height requirements of every feature located within your playground or other outdoor recreational facility
PIP Safety Surfacing

Features and Specs of a PIP Rubber Safety Surface System

Interested to learn more about the features and specifications of a properly-installed PIP rubber safety surface system? Here are a few key points that should be noted:

  • A PIP surface is typically a two-layer system. The top layer is comprised of virgin rubber EPDM or TPV that is designed for wear and non-slip capabilities. The impact-absorbing layer underneath usually includes several inches of recycled rubber and is designed for maximum impact absorption.
  • The rubber granule binder used is typically a basic, single-component aliphatic agent.
  • The PIP product is intended to be installed over asphalt, concrete, or compacted stone with a gradual slope to help promote drainage.
  • Ambient temperature during installation should be a minimum of 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, PIP safety surfacing can be installed nearly year-round in most locations.
  • Meets all ASTM standards that are applicable to playground safety surfaces.
PIP Safety Surfacing

More Tips & Guidelines for PIP Safety Surfacing

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the proper installation, use, and maintenance of PIP playground safety surfacing:

  • All surfaces and applicable sub-surfaces should be installed to spec over a well-drained, properly-prepared base, and must cover the entire intended use zone to the specified depth.
  • PIP rubber safety surface installation is best accomplished by a professional trained in proper installation methods. Once the surface installation is complete, it’s also important to allow time for proper curing before you open up your playground to normal use.
  • Premium TPV inserts can help to prevent early wear in high-use zones, like swing bays and slide exits.
  • PIP safety surfacing adds play value to your play space through customizable design and reliable dimensions.
  • Choose from a wide palette of colors and designs; check with your friends at Carolina Recreation & Design to learn what’s available in your particular NC, SC, or VA location.
  • Preventative maintenance is recommended, at minimum, every 18 months to ensure safety compliance and product longevity.

PIP Playground Surfacing Installation from Carolina Recreation & Design

Planning to install – or upgrade – a playground facility for your school, preschool, park, church, club, HOA, or other public-use facilities? If so, then safety surfacing isn’t just a good idea; it’s legally required! And when it comes to the best PIP safety surfacing installation, Carolina Recreation & Design has you covered!

Our PIP safety surfacing is attractive, seamless, and resilient, plus it provides for great impact attenuation as well as full ADA accessibility. Plus, we can provide PIP surfaces in an array of attractive patterns and designs, and we can even include popular game templates for leapfrog, hopscotch, four square, or whatever you want!

At Carolina Recreation & Design, we pride ourselves on providing real turnkey site solutions. If you’re a school, preschool, daycare, church or faith center, hospital, park, community center, YMCA, or HOA that’s located in NC, SC, or VA, we can take care of your needs!

Got some specific questions? Need more info? Or just ready to get started? You can connect with us through this simple form, or you can just give us a call at (704) 664-1833! Carolina Recreation & Design has all your playground and recreational area safety surfacing needs to be covered!

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