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Splash Pads: The Perfect Addition to any Park, Outdoor Recreation Facility, or DaycareSplash Pads: The Perfect Addition to any Park, Outdoor Recreation Facility, or Daycare
Splash Pads Sep 16, 2020

Splash Pads: The Perfect Addition to any Park, Outdoor Recreation Facility, or Daycare

What’s the most fun way for a child to cool down while having fun on a warm day? By splashing around on a splash playground, of course! Water splash pads have been around for quite a while, and their popularity only continues to grow around the country. Innovations in aquatic playground equipment and facility engineering make modern splash pads a truly ideal addition to any park, recreation facility, or community center. These days, you can find splash pads everywhere from resorts to campgrounds, to YMCAs, to downtown areas, and even around some shopping malls. But here’s the best news of all – you can bring all the fun of a commercial splash pad to your outdoor facility, too!

Splash Pads Add Fun, Value, & Excitement to Any Park or Outdoor Recreation Site

Why is adding a splash pad or splash playground to your recreational business or nonprofit organization a great idea? For starters, an outdoor splash pad is just a really fun way for children and families to enjoy water play in a safe, controlled environment. Splash pads are also incredibly popular attractions for young families, so providing a splash pad is a great way to bring more people to your facility. Here are a few more specific benefits to note, as well:

  • Fun for the Whole Family

  • If you have children, then you know that kids love water. Guess who else still loves playing with water? Adults! And unlike a traditional water park, splash pads don’t come with long lines and exorbitant admission costs. A local splash pad is really something that the whole family can enjoy!

  • Practical, Community-Building Attraction

  • Speaking of local, savvy community leaders understand that prospective homebuyers are looking for more than just attractive housing and good schools. People who are shopping around for a place to live and work also pay attention to the specific amenities a particular community has to offer. Splash pads, shaded playgrounds, parks, and picnic areas are all good examples of amenities that people really value in a local community.

  • Water Play with Safety Built In

  • Splash pads are also commonly known as zero-depth pools. While some splash pads are actually designed to maintain a few inches of water during operation, the water is always shallow enough that drowning is never a safety concern. Rather than relying on volumes of standing water, splash pads engage children through the incorporation of various fountains, nozzles, and other water play accessories. 

  • Inclusive, ADA-Compliant Play Environment

  • Water splash pads typically don’t require steps, and there’s also no need for special lifts, ramps, or handrails. In other words, splash pads are naturally inclusive and ADA-compliant recreational facilities. They are designed to cater to all children and adults, regardless of individual age or ability level!

  • Cost-Effective & Simple to Maintain

  • Traditional pools can be incredibly expensive to staff, clean, and maintain. A splash pad, on the other hand, doesn’t require lifeguards, and can be operated with a minimum of staff – or even no regular staff at all! Splash pads can also be designed to save precious resources by recirculating and filtering the water they use. Plus, splash pad equipment typically only requires cleaning and maintenance a few times a quarter, and only requires a fraction of the supplies needed for a traditional pool.

  • Really Draws a Crowd!

  • Would your organization like to bring in more young families, while also creating a buzz about itself in the process? You really can’t go wrong with a splash pad. Many organizations choose not to charge admission to their splash pad, but rather recoup funds through concession stands, covered picnic shelters that are available for rental, and by simply placing the splash pad in close proximity to restaurants, gas stations, and other revenue-generating businesses. And once you install a splash pad at your facility, word will travel around town quickly, and people will start bringing more people!


Splash Pads Are Great for Daycares, Too!

Splash pads aren’t just for facilities that are dedicated to outdoor recreation, either. More and more area daycares are starting to enjoy the benefits of having their own splash pad on-site, as well. Once installed, a splash pad is very simple to operate and maintain. And the best part? It provides a fantastic opportunity for preschoolers to have fun, play outside, and be able to cool off, all at the same time! And if your daycare is located in a warmer climate zone, you can take full advantage of your splash pad for up to six months out of the year – and even longer in some areas. 

Choose Carolina Recreation & Design for All Your Splash Pad Needs in NC, SC, and VA

No matter what you’re looking for in a splash pad facility, Carolina Recreation & Design can help you to make it happen! We’ll help you design the perfect splash pad for your recreational business, daycare, or nonprofit organization, and we have a wide array of water features, play equipment, safety surfacing, sun shades, covered seating, and other amenities from which to choose.

And another thing that sets us apart is the fact that we’re more than just a splash pad and site furnishings product dealer. We also happen to be general contractors, which means that we can offer complete site design, preparation, and installation services. We can take care of everything from plumbing to electrical, to fencing and landscaping, to stonework, to whatever you may need! We can even put in outdoor bathroom facilities and changing rooms for you. We’ll take care of you, from start to finish!

Ready to learn more about our services in NC, SC, and VA? Got some particular questions? Give us a shout at (704) 664-1833, or you can also reach out to us online through this simple contact form. Carolina Recreation & Design has all your splash pad and site amenity needs to be covered!