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Why Commercial Picnic Shelters Are Great for Families, and Great for Your OrganizationWhy Commercial Picnic Shelters Are Great for Families, and Great for Your Organization
Shade Structures Nov 29, 2021

Why Commercial Picnic Shelters Are Great for Families, and Great for Your Organization

A Milder Winter is Predicted in the Southeast This Year

While summer was thankfully not as hot in the Southeast this year, summer was also reluctant to leave once the calendar turned to September 22. Several weeks of the present fall season have still felt warm and pleasant, and many families took advantage of the opportunity to get outside and enjoy some outdoor activities. And while winter is only about a month away, forecasters are predicting higher-than-normal temperatures and lower-than-normal precipitation in the Southeast, thanks to La Niña conditions.

Family Picnics Are Still in Season!

Of course, winter is still winter, so we’ll almost certainly see some below-freezing temperatures at some point. But even so, every day won’t be cold, and outdoor activities can still happen in the South. Families are likely to stay inside when it’s cloudy and chilly, but sunny days present the opportunity to come out of hibernation and enjoy some time outside. And a few activities that practically every family in NC, SC, VA, and TN enjoy include visiting the local playground or park, taking a nature walk, picnicking, and maybe even having a cookout!

The prospect of milder days means that you and your family aren’t limited to simply entertaining yourself with screens this winter. Get your kids’ faces out of their phones, devices, and video games, and take them outside! And when it’s time to eat, there’s no better place to share an outdoor meal than under a covered picnic shelter.

Why It Makes Sense to Install a Commercial Picnic Shelter for Your Organization

It’s romantic for dating couples and newlyweds to plan a picnic out in the meadow, with nothing more than a blanket and a wicker picnic basket. But that’s probably not the best solution if you’ve got children or senior adults in tow, or if you’re planning a larger family gathering. In circumstances like these, it’s really best to have a convenient, protected, comfortable place to be able sit and enjoy a meal together.

Looking to attract more families and visitors to your outdoor facility? Then you really need to put in a commercial picnic shelter or park shelter. They’re good for businesses, good for schools, good for churches, good for the HOA, good for parks, good for municipalities, and good for whatever organization you lead. Considering adding a commercial picnic shelter to your property! Here are a few specific benefits of having your own picnic shelter on site:

• Needed UV protection

A winter day in the Southeast can still be a perfect time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! But prolonged sun exposure can be damaging to your skin, no matter the season. A covered picnic shelter is a great way to provide needed protection from UV rays for your visitors, guests, and team members.

• Perfect for outdoor gatherings & events

Parks and churches both been making use of picnic shelters for generations, but picnic shelters are honestly great to have for any organization. They’re perfect to use for birthday parties, reunions, family gatherings, staff gatherings, and all sorts of events. Installing a picnic shelter at your facility is a great way to boost your level of community engagement. Picnic shelters are great to have for businesses, too. Escape the fluorescent lights of your conference room or board room, and take your meeting outside!

• Nice spot for stopping to take a break

Picnic shelters are perfect for outdoor group gatherings, but they’re good for other things, too. They’re great places for employees to be able to spend their break time; covered shelters can really be nice spots for sitting, eating, reflecting, or simply getting some fresh air outside.

• Customizable to meet any need & budget

Another nice benefit of choosing a commercial picnic shelter is that it can be designed and installed to suit your exact needs and preferences. Once you know how much lot space you have to allocate, what your budget is, and exactly how you want to use your picnic shelter, Carolina Recreation & Design can provide a perfect covered shelter to suit your needs.

• Multipurpose application potential

Other than having a picnic, what else can you do with a picnic shelter? Honestly, the potential applications are practically limitless; here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Host a cookout or meal for your family or team
  • Hold outdoor sessions and meetings
  • Facilitate a class
  • Designated break time spot
  • Work on a personal project or hobby
  • Host a birthday party
  • Have a corporate teambuilding event
  • Sponsor a community outdoor activity
  • And more!

A commercial picnic shelter offers potentially hundreds of square feet of covered outdoor space to use for all sorts of purposes. The only real limit to the possibilities with a CRD commercial picnic shelter is your imagination!

Picnic Shelters for Both Public & Private Facilities

Carolina Recreation & Design is an exclusive provider for both Icon Shelter Systems and EWS Structures in our Southeastern service area. We can provide you with a custom picnic shelter in steel, wood, or a combination of materials that will meet your exact needs and specifications! We offer a complete selection of needed site furnishings, too:

• Picnic Tables

What good is having a picnic shelter without also including some tables and built-in seating? Carolina Recreation & Design partners with leading commercial outdoor amenity manufacturers, including Anova Furnishings and Leisure Craft, Inc., to provide a wide array of picnic table and seating solutions which are sturdy, attractive, and made to last.

• Benches

Picnic tables with built-in seating are nice, but you may also want to add some benches to place around your shelter. Our commercial benches can be specially tailored to match whatever particular color scheme or theme you choose for your outdoor facility.

• Trash Receptacles

Wherever people gather – especially if food is involved – you can bet that some trash will be produced. For this reason, it’s wise to place commercial trash & recycling receptacles both inside and around your picnic shelter. These features can be customized for size, style, and color preferences, and can also include any logos of your choosing.

Carolina Recreation & Design Has Your Picnic Shelter Needs Covered

If you’re located in NC, SC, VA, or TN, Carolina Recreation & Design has your commercial outdoor building and amenity needs covered! One thing that sets CRD apart is the fact that we’re more than just a vendor; we’re providers of complete site solutions. We install anything and everything we sell, plus we can help with site design services, site prep, permitting, running electrical & water, fencing, landscaping, and we even furnish outdoor restroom facilities.

Want to learn more? Ready to get your project started? Give us a call today at (704) 664-1833 ! You can also connect with us online by filling out this simple form. Carolina Recreation & Design is here to take care of all your commercial shelter and other site solution needs!