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Why Installing a Gazebo is a Great Idea for Your FacilityWhy Installing a Gazebo is a Great Idea for Your Facility
Gazebos Dec 17, 2020

Why Installing a Gazebo is a Great Idea for Your Facility

What’s a gazebo, exactly? “Gazebo” is an odd-looking word with both English and Latin roots. It’s sort of a hard word to define in a precise manner, even though you can probably picture what a gazebo looks like in your mind right now. A gazebo is a freestanding roofed structure that offers an open view of the surrounding area; it’s literally a great place to sit or stand and “gaze” around you. Depending on your particular region and local culture, gazebos can go by a lot of different names, including belvederes, pagodas, pavilions, summerhouses, pergolas, rotundas, or tea houses. Gazebos are frequently seen in parks and gardens, but more and more organizations like municipal centers, shopping malls, HOAs, resorts, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, military bases, amphitheaters, and senior centers have also reaped the benefits of choosing to install a gazebo on site.

Gazebo designs

Gazebo Design Options

One reason that a gazebo can be hard to describe is that there are many different options when it comes to design possibilities. The one commonality is that there’s always some type of roof overhead. The roof design can vary widely, though; in fact, pretty much every feature of a gazebo is really customizable. These structures are most commonly either octagonal or hexagonal in layout. But they can also be round, square, rectangular, or can take the shape of other polygons. In many cases, a gazebo is purely an open-air shelter, but they can also be screened in, or can even be fully enclosed with walls, large windows, or both. Latticework and railing are both a common external features of gazebos, and many also include bench seating around the interior. These outdoor structures are available in a wide range of sizes and can be constructed from wood, steel, vinyl, composite, or a combination of materials.

Benefits of Adding a Gazebo

There are many great features of a gazebo that make it a worthy addition to your garden, park, veranda, patio, deck, walkway, path, or other outdoor common areas. Here are just a few notable benefits:

  • A unique visual focal point
  • All the possible architectural design possibilities for your gazebo mean that it can be a wonderful visual complement to your outdoor area. Give your space a nice garden feel, resort feel, or whatever kind of mood you want to create with a custom gazebo.

  • Provide needed shade
  • Sunny days are beautiful, but they can also do some real damage to your skin. A properly-designed gazebo can offer some respite from those relentless UV rays by creating an oasis of reliable shade for your property.

  • Perfect for outdoor gatherings
  • Take your cookouts, picnics, and other social gatherings to a whole new level by installing a gazebo. Even under the threat of precipitation or other unfavorable weather, your outdoor gatherings can still go on as planned when you have access to gazebos or other covered shelters.

  • Also great for individual sitting and reflection
  • Gazebos don’t just offer a place to help facilitate your outdoor gatherings. They’re also wonderful places for solitary reflection or nature-watching. For corporate sites, gazebos are also a great place for your employees to be able to sit and unwind during their break time.

  • Customizable to suit both your preferences and your budget
  • Another nice feature of a custom gazebo is that it can be as simple or as detailed as you desire, according to your desired usage, available space, and available budget. It can be as basic as a roof supported by posts, or it can be fleshed out to include framed walls, insect screening, internal seating, railings, decorative facades, or whatever you prefer!

How Can You Use Your Gazebo?

What can you do with an outdoor gazebo? There’s practically no limit to the number of possible applications for such a beautiful-yet-practical structure. Here are just a few suggestions to consider:

  • Shaded area for gathering in a garden space, beside a body of water, or in another natural area
  • Private space for personal reflection, or having a quiet, intimate conversation
  • Idea site for hosting a wedding ceremony and/or reception
  • Convenient spot for outdoor grilling or for use as an outdoor kitchen
  • Great for hosting cookouts, picnics, and outdoor meals or other social events
  • Ideal shelter for a fire pit
  • Well-suited outdoor arena for bird watching
  • Nice protective shelter for a hot tub
  • Easy to decorate for any season or any theme
  • Wonderful location for a team photoshoot

Carolina Recreation & Design Can Provide & Install Any Gazebo You Need!

Carolina Recreation & Design is your preferred provider for both Icon Shelter Systems and EWS Structures across our Southeastern service area. If you need a gazebo – or any other style of outdoor structure or picnic shelter – we can help you to design whatever you want, and then we’ll deliver and install it for you!

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Have some questions? Ready to get started? Give us a call today at (704) 664-1833! You can also reach out to us online through this simple form. Carolina Recreation & Design offers solutions for all of your outdoor structure, outdoor recreation, and related site needs!