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Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Install a New Picnic ShelterWhy Spring is the Perfect Time to Install a New Picnic Shelter
Shade Structures Mar 18, 2021

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Install a New Picnic Shelter

Whenever you hear the word “spring,” what comes to mind? New life? Warmer temps? Greener yards? Pollen? Easter? April showers? May flowers? Spring cleaning?

Spring represents all this and more. While spring officially starts on March 20 this year, it’s already feeling a lot like spring across the Southeast. And after a long, cold, winter season of social distancing, many of us just want to get back outside!

Spring: A Perfect Season for Picnics

Spring is really a fantastic season for many reasons. The sun is shining, the grass is greening, the spring flowers are blooming, and the temperature is pleasantly comfortable. This is the time when people are ready to come out of hibernation and start planning some outdoor activities. And what’s one activity that nearly everyone enjoys? Picnicking outside!

It’s High Time for You to Put Up a Commercial Picnic Shelter for Your Facility

When couples are planning a romantic picnic, they may go all out by spreading a blanket to sit on in the meadow and eating out of a wicker picnic basket. But not all picnics need to be that romantic, and many folks simply appreciate having a convenient place to be able to sit and eat outdoors. So, whether you’re a business owner, school principal, HOA manager, park official, church committee chair, or other organizational leaders, spring is the perfect time to add a commercial picnic shelter to your property!

Here are just a few benefits of having your own picnic shelter on site:

• Provides needed shade

Spring is a perfect time to get out and enjoy a sunny day! But the fact of the matter is that prolonged sun exposure can do some real damage to your skin, no matter what the season. A picnic shelter is a great way to provide some relief from those unrelenting UV rays for your visitors, members, customers, & employees.

• Great for outdoor gatherings

Parks and churches are known for making their picnic shelters available for folks to use for birthday parties, reunions, family gatherings, and other events. By choosing to install a picnic shelter at your facility and also making it available for others to use, you can significantly raise your organization’s level of community engagement. And, of course, a picnic shelter is a great go-to option for your business, too. Tired of having meetings under the fluorescent lights of your conference room or board room? Take them outside instead!

• Nice breaktime spot, or just a good place to be able to sit and chill

Picnic shelters aren’t just great places to have outdoor group gatherings. They’re also wonderful places for individuals to be able to come, sit, eat, reflect, or simply enjoy the great outdoors. For corporate settings, picnic shelters are an ideal spot for your employees to be able to take a break and recharge.

• Customizable to meet both your needs & your budget

Another nice benefit of choosing to have a commercial picnic shelter installed is that it can really be designed to be as simple or as detailed as you like. Once you decide how you’d like to use your shelter, how much space you have available, and how much budget you have to allocate, Carolina Recreation & Design can provide a picnic shelter solution for you that really checks all the boxes.

• Multipurpose usage possibilities

What can you do with a picnic shelter besides have a picnic? Honestly, almost anything you want! Here are just a few of the possibilities available to you:

  • Host a cookout or meal for a large group
  • Hold outdoor meetings
  • Teach a class
  • Sit outside with friends, family, or coworkers
  • Work on a project or hobby
  • Play games
  • Host birthday parties
  • Facilitate corporate team building activities
  • Sponsor a community outdoor event
  • And much more!

A commercial picnic shelter can be designed to provide literally hundreds of square feet of covered outdoor space, which can be utilized for all sorts of multipurpose applications. The only real limit to what you can do with a commercial picnic shelter from Carolina Recreation & Design is your imagination!

Don’t Forget to Include Some Essential Furnishings & Amenities

A commercial picnic shelter is really fantastic investment for your outdoor site. But don’t forget about the need to plan to also include some essentials that go along with having a fully-equipped picnic shelter:

• Picnic Tables

Since the primary purpose for most picnic shelters is having a place to be able to sit and eat, no picnic shelter is complete without having some picnic tables. Carolina Recreation & Design partners with leading commercial outdoor amenity manufacturers like Anova Furnishings and Leisure Craft, Inc. to be able to provide a wide selection of picnic tables which are sturdy, attractive, and long-lasting.

• Benches

You can choose picnic tables which include built-in seating, or you can opt to go with some separate bench seating solutions. It’s also nice to have some additional benches situated around the perimeter of your picnic table area to give you more potential ways to accommodate your gathered group. In addition, our commercial benches can be specially tailored to match whatever particular color scheme or theme you want for your outdoor facility.

• Trash Receptacles

Another thing is for certain. Wherever people gather – especially when there’s food involved – you can bet that a fair amount of trash will be produced. You’ll want to place some commercial trash & recycling receptacles both in and around your picnic shelter. These receptacles can be customized for size, materials, style, and colors, and can even include logos or themes of your choosing.

Carolina Recreation & Design for All Your Picnic Shelter & Outdoor Amenity Needs

One thing that sets Carolina Recreation & Design apart is the fact that we don’t just sell outdoor structures and furnishings. We’re actually complete site solution providers. We install everything we sell, plus we can help you with everything from site design, site prep, permits, electrical & water, restroom facilities, fencing, landscaping, whatever you need!

Ready to learn more? Got questions about particular picnic shelter designs, site furnishing options, or pricing? Give us a call today at (704) 664-1833 If you prefer, you can also reach out to us online by filling out this simple form. Carolina Recreation & Design has all your outdoor shelter, and site solution needs covering!