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Why Swinging Matters and Which Commercial Swing Sets to Choose for Your PlaygroundWhy Swinging Matters and Which Commercial Swing Sets to Choose for Your Playground
Swing Sets Aug 24, 2022

Why Swinging Matters and Which Commercial Swing Sets to Choose for Your Playground

Why Outdoor Playgrounds Are Good for Kids

As a parent, teacher, or adult caregiver for young children, you’d probably love nothing more than to find a constructive way to help kids to get their noses out of their screens from time to time. It’s not that some amount of screen time is necessarily a bad thing; certain interactive digital applications actually help children to learn, gain problem-solving skills and think more creatively. But the problem, of course, is the fact that most American children spend a lot more than just some time on their screens. Kids – and many adults, for that matter – can tend to get lost in their screens for hours on end.

One time-tested solution is simply to send the kids outside to play! Research studies confirm that active outdoor play delivers a number of positive health and development benefits for children of all ages. But one key to the success of any outdoor play strategy is to offer kids something engaging that they’ll actually enjoy doing. To that end, commercial playgrounds and swing sets can be just the ticket!

Swinging Is Fun!

So, what’s so great about a swing set? Aside from the pure exhilaration of swinging for its own sake, there are several benefits of swing sets for schools, swing sets for parks, and other commercial swing sets worth considering.

Get those kids outdoors.

Getting outside and getting some fresh air is good for the lungs and honestly good for the soul. Children need time outdoors to boost developing immune systems, and time outside helps to clear the mind as well. Some benefits of outdoor play include greater energy, reduced depression, and better sleep. Swing sets are fun in their own right, but they also help children to appreciate spending time in the great outdoors.

Encourage kids to enjoy some physical exercise.

Then there’s the purely physical factor. Swing sets encourage lung development, muscle growth, and motor skills development. A swing set encourages a child to be healthier and more active. The thrill of sailing through the air is intoxicating, but you can’t reach those heights on your own without pumping your legs and moving your core. Swinging is a wonderful combination of both exercise and fun.

Teach important life skills on the playground.

Whenever using the playground – and especially whenever a child has to wait their turn for a swing or any other piece of playground equipment – many valuable life skills can be learned. Figuring out how to play fair, to play cooperatively, to compromise, to be patient, to work as a team, and to respect personal boundaries are all essential life skills to be gained. When you stop and think about it, some of life’s best lessons can honestly be learned on the playground.

Fuel greater creativity & imagination.

A mental wellness strategy for children should also include giving them opportunities to play outside and grow their imaginations by creating their own adventures. A commercial playground swing set can be a helpful resource in that regard, and swinging can engage children in ways they’ll never experience through an electronic screen.

Swinging can be flat-out relaxing, too.

In many ways, modern life is every bit as stressful – and in some ways, even more stressful than was the case for previous generations. For all of our technological advances, we’re collectively still as anxious and unsettled as we’ve ever been as a species. The same is true for today’s children, too. School performance expectations, managing extracurricular activities, and dealing with the stresses of modern families and society, in general, can all take a heavy toll. The methodical, peaceful motion of swinging gives kids an opportunity to relax, unwind, and release some stress. To that end, swinging is certainly an activity to be encouraged.

P.S. Swinging can be therapeutic for adults, as well!

Outdoor play helps build community.

Swinging is something your child can do with friends and neighbors. But what if your child is more socially awkward or just doesn’t have many friends? Playgrounds offer a positive, non-threatening environment where kids can establish relationships and make some new friends, too.

Give parents and caregivers a break.

Whenever your children – or the children who are in your care – are out enjoying the swing set, that also gives you a bit of a caregiving break. Certainly, adult supervision is still recommended when kids are on the playground, but at least you won’t be required to actively entertain the children. They’ll be entertaining themselves! And when kids get to burn off some needed steam, that’s usually a win-win for parents and teachers when it’s time to direct children towards the next activity as well.

Styles & Types of Swing Sets We Offer at Carolina Recreation & Design

Swings are swings, right? Well no, it isn’t as simple as that. With modern materials, engineering, and design, there are honestly more options than ever when it comes to your available commercial swing set options. Here are just a few types of commercial swing sets that Carolina Recreation & Design can install for you in NC, SC, VA, and TN:

Traditional swing sets

These swing sets feature all of the classic benefits, delivered in a modern design package. These swings include sturdy tripod supports, galvanized steel upright posts, rugged chains, and various swing seat options.

Tire swings

Tire swings are fun, and they also encourage cooperation and promote social interaction. Children can take turns pushing and pulling each other in pretty much any direction. Most tire swings will accommodate up to three children per tire. The molded tire is engineered for commercial-level usage and is designed to deliver many years of maintenance-free service.

Disc swings and bird nest swings

This is another multi-user swing option which screams the more, the merrier! These work best with kids ages 5 and up and offer collaborative fun for up to four users. This freestanding swing feature is also expandable and can accommodate other types of swing seats as well.

Arch swings

This variation on the traditional swing set is supported by heavy-gauge, powder-coated metal beams and arches. The modular design of these arch swings is also made for including other add-a-bay products if you like, so the potential combination possibilities are practically limitless.

Single-post swings

The single post swing set is another variation which is designed for maximizing available play area space. These can be made to fit in almost any playground layout.

T-swings for toddlers

Toddler T-swings are made to be ideal for young children. Not only will your little ones be able to swing in safety, but they’ll get to appreciate the special kind of joy that only comes from swinging!

Parent-child combination swings

Pushing your child from behind isn’t the only option with this interactive swing set design. Now parents and caregivers can get on the swinging action with children. The adult partner is in control of the swing motion, while the child gets to hang on for the ride!

Come to Carolina Recreation & Design for All Your Commercial Swing Set Needs!

Thanks to our partnership with quality manufacturers like Childforms and Henderson, Carolina Recreation & Design is well-equipped to provide you with a perfect commercial swing set solution for any age or ability level. We install everything we sell, and we can also provide site design, site preparation, safety surfacing, shade structures, seating areas, and more for your outdoor recreation site!

What about swing set prices? We’ve got plenty of options for meeting both your needs and your budget. Carolina Recreation & Design does much more than just sell products; we’re here to provide complete turnkey solutions. We’re happy to partner with schools, preschools, daycares, churches and faith centers, hospitals, parks, community centers, and businesses all across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Want to learn more? Ready to get started! You can connect with us online, or you can simply give us a call today at (704) 664-1833! Carolina Recreation & Design has all your commercial swing set and playground needs covered!