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Benefits of Playground Equipment for SchoolchildrenBenefits of Playground Equipment for Schoolchildren
Henderson Playgrounds, Playground Equipment Jun 10, 2020

Benefits of Playground Equipment for Schoolchildren

The Importance of Playgrounds for Schools

Many states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, have passed laws requiring elementary schools to allow at least 20-30 minutes of daily physical activity for students. Laws are also on the books that require preschools and childcare facilities to provide each child with the opportunity for outdoor play every single day, weather permitting. In other words, local lawmakers realize that providing children with proper opportunities to play outside is really a necessity for each child’s individual growth and development.

Benefits of Playground Equipment for Schoolchildren

Honestly, there are a lot of reasons to install a playground at your school, preschool, or daycare. Commercial playgrounds are designed to be places where children can get some exercise, develop motor & social skills, and also have some fun in the process! Here are just a few benefits of choosing to install a playground facility:

  • Encourages outdoor play

The easy availability of technological devices has the effect of luring children into staying indoors. Having the right playground equipment installed can encourage children to experience outdoor activities that are both engaging and healthy for their individual development.

  • Improves physical health & motor skills

Playing outdoors is a great way to get the heart pumping and to get those muscles moving. There’s really no substitute for getting outdoors, enjoying some fresh air, and stretching your limbs on some fun playground equipment! Playgrounds are also an essential place for children to be able to refine their developing motor skills.

  • Develops social skills

Well-designed playground equipment encourages children to work together and teaches them the value of cooperative engagement. Some equipment can only be used with a partner (e.g. seesaws), so this instinctively encourages children to talk, socialize, and learn to partner with their peers. Gaining these important skills makes a child more confident, and also enables a child to be better at expressing thoughts and emotions with other friends and family.

  • Develops creativity

When children are given new and open-ended play options, they learn to become more creative. They also develop better problem-solving skills. One benefit of introducing children to a well-designed playground environment is that no two experiences are exactly the same! Each play experience derives its own creative benefits for every child that is given the opportunity to participate.

  • Enhanced learning opportunities

Think back to your own experience in school. Some of your greatest learning experiences may not have taken place in a classroom; rather, they likely occurred out on the playground. On top of that, things that children learn on the playground can help to supplement and enhance what they’re learning in the classroom, including both physical and vocabulary skills.

  • Supports mental health

Sometimes the classroom experience can prove to be stressful for children. Having the opportunity to enjoy the physical activity on a playground can facilitate the release of endorphins which help to remedy the feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression in children. Playground activity can benefit the development of other cognitive skills, as well.

School Playground Equipment Options

What kind of playground equipment do you need at your school? You’d be best served by having a playground that’s rugged, well-designed, age-specific, safe for children, AND low-maintenance. You can’t get equipment like that by buying off the shelf at some big box store; what you really need is a commercial playground that’s engineered with children in mind, and is truly built to last. Carolina Recreation & Design provides and installs complete commercial playgrounds, outdoor playground equipment, and play structures, safe playground surfacing, playground canopies, sun shades, covered shelters, and anything else you may need!

Carolina Recreation & Design Provides Complete Playground Solutions

Not only do we have fun commercial playground designs and structures; our equipment is also specially designed to be age-appropriate, safe, fun, and long-lasting, too! And Carolina Recreation & Design does much more than just sell playgrounds and play equipment. In addition, we offer safety surfacing, handrails and barriers, sun shades, mounted cameras, and much more. Plus, we can install anything we sell!

Our full-service solutions include everything from site preparation to permitting, to electrical, water, and sewer work, to fencing, brick, and stonework, to whatever else it takes! In other words, we don’t just provide the best playgrounds, play structures, and accessories; we go the extra step to offer complete turnkey solutions, from start to finish!

Ready to get started on your perfect school playground? Give us a call today at (704) 664-1833! You can also reach out to us online by filling out this simple form. Carolina Recreation & Design has all your school playground, installation, and site preparation needs covered!