Best Planning and Budgeting Tips for Installing a New Commercial PlaygroundBest Planning and Budgeting Tips for Installing a New Commercial Playground
Playground Equipment Jan 28, 2022

Best Planning and Budgeting Tips for Installing a New Commercial Playground

What’s the Best Approach for Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck When It Comes to a Commercial Playground Project?

Planning for a new commercial playground can be a daunting process. Unlike some other investments you may make for your business or nonprofit organization, there are lots of factors and potential budget impacts which come into play when selecting and installing a new playground. While the budget you’ve earmarked for your project may be a relatively fixed number, that still does nothing to limit the expectations of your stakeholders and community members. All that being the case, finding the right balance between what you want and what you can actually afford in a playground solution can be somewhat challenging.

Benefits of Installing a Commercial Playground

If you’ve decided to install some commercial playground equipment for your school, park, church, community organization, or business, that’s a good call! There are several unique benefits that come along with choosing to take advantage of well-designed, commercial-quality playground equipment. Playgrounds of this caliber are ideal places for children to be able to exercise, socialize, build motor skills, stimulate their minds, and just enjoy some good, clean fun.

• Playgrounds encourage outdoor play.

In today’s technological society, screens and handheld devices are known to lure children into staying indoors. Providing the right playground equipment encourages children to get out and enjoy more outdoor activities which are engaging, fun, and healthy for them.

• Playgrounds benefit physical health & motor skills development.

Playgrounds are great for getting the heart pumping, stretching children’s limbs, making those muscles move, and giving children the opportunity to breathe some fresh air. Playgrounds are a great avenue for kids to be able to burn off some excess energy, too.

• Playgrounds present an opportunity to grow social skills.

Interactive playground experiences encourage children to cooperate, and learn patience. For example, play elements like seesaws only work correctly whenever you’re willing to work together with a partner.

• Playgrounds help foster creativity.

Whenever you give children open-ended play options like the ones which can be found on a commercial playground, creativity is stimulated. Problem-solving skills can be honed, too. With the right playground environment, no two play experiences are ever necessarily the same.

• Playgrounds enhance learning opportunities.

Some of the greatest learning experiences for children don’t occur inside a classroom; they happen out in the real world, including on the playground. And things that children learn on the playground can be used to enhance and supplement the things which are being taught inside the classroom, too.

• Playgrounds support kids’ mental health.

Modern life can be pretty stressful for a kid. Pressures at school, pressures at home, and collective pressures in society can all take their toll. Having the opportunity to enjoy the physical activity on the playground can facilitate the release of endorphins which can help alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression in children.

Playground Equipment

Tips for Creating a Good Commercial Playground Project Plan

If you are installing your first playground, it’s important to understand that children under age 5 require very different playground equipment than children aged between 5-12 years. There’s a wide variety of play structure products available for children of various age and ability levels; it’s recommended that you provide separate play areas for each age/ability group in order to optimize both safety and engagement. There are also some mixed playground designs you can consider which are appropriate for children aged 2-12.

It’s also a good idea to include some independent play stations, like sand or water play features. Adding stand-alone slides, swings, and climbing structures is another great way to extend the play value of your space.

Here are five good questions to answer for yourself as you’re moving through your playground planning process:

  1. How many children do you expect to use your playground on a weekly basis?
  2. What are the ages and abilities of the children who are most likely to access your playground?
  3. Which play activities would you like or prefer to provide?
  4. Which safety features need to be included (like safety surfacing, signage, etc.)?
  5. What other site amenities will you need (like seating, shade, trash receptacles, etc.)?

If you’re not sure how to answer all five of these questions, just reach out to a personal consultant at Carolina Recreation & Design. We’ll be happy to help you think through the entire process!

Stick with One Provider

When evaluating different types of playground structures, you may find that there are pieces you like from more than one single manufacturer. Even so, avoid the temptation to purchase a hodge-podge of pieces from different manufacturers. While it can pay to shop around in other areas, when it comes to commercial playground equipment, it’s best to partner with a single commercial provider. You can avoid delayed installation due to varying production and delivery dates from various manufacturers, and you’ll save time, money, and potential headache by partnering with a single commercial playground distributor and installer.

Develop a Two-Phase Budget

Assuming you’re working with a set budget, it’s wise to plan out your budget spend in a manner to get the most bang for your buck. Separating your budget into two phases is a very cost-effective approach. This is a good strategy for stretching your playground budget, and enabling you to phase some necessary costs into the next fiscal year.

  • Phase One: This should revolve around choosing the right location, making necessary site preparations, and getting your essential commercial playground equipment installed.
  • Phase Two: This should revolve around choosing the additional amenities you’ll need to make your site complete, including benches, tables, shelters, fabric shades, trash and recycling receptacles, necessary signage, and any additional play elements you’d like to add in the future.

Carolina Recreation & Design Delivers Complete Commercial Playground Solutions

Looking for the best commercial playground equipment for your school, preschool, daycare, park, HOA, municipality, or community organization in NC, SC, TN, or VA? Carolina Recreation & Design provides and installs complete commercial playgrounds, playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade canopies, outdoor seating, covered shelters, and more!

Plus, we’re general contractors who are equipped to take care of everything from site design, to site preparation, to permitting, to electrical, water, & sewer, to fencing & landscaping, and everything in between. We go the extra mile to deliver complete turnkey solutions for you and your organization!

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