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Living in a Master-Planned CommunityLiving in a Master-Planned Community
Henderson Playgrounds May 21, 2020

Living in a Master-Planned Community

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a place where the neighbors are nice, the streets are clean, facilities and amenities like outdoor playground equipment, play structures, and community picnic shelters are well-equipped, and living is convenient? When you look at it from this perspective, it’s hard to see having a home inside a master-planned community as anything short of a dream-come-true for both parents and children alike!

But why consider it? What are the real upsides to living in a master-planned community? These are questions any homebuyer must ask of themselves when looking to establish a residence anywhere, and they also apply when considering a home located within the borders of a master-planned community.

So, what is a master-planned community? Master-planned communities started out as a trend that began to boom over 50 years ago, and they’ve continued to flourish right through the present day. Why? It’s largely due to the shared amenities they offer for families, along with their built-in provisions for safety, security, convenience, and more stress-free living.

Most master-planned communities offer exactly what many potential homebuyers are actually looking for in a neighborhood. Developers of such homes and properties take into consideration important elements of modern living, including:

  • Inclusion of recreational amenities for children and families
  • Geographical location and proximity to metropolitan areas
  • Security
  • Easy access to places of interest like schools, libraries, churches, and shopping malls
  • Prompt access to specific agencies in times of emergency, such as police, fire department, and hospitals

Scrutinizing homebuyers look at factors like these to see whether the prospective community’s structure and resources conform to the kind of lifestyle they want to live. A smart developer of a master-planned community will work hard to anticipate both current and future needs of its community’s residents.

Perhaps one of the most enticing factors of a master-planned community is its amenities, which may include features like a golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, well-designed playgrounds fitted with commercial playground equipment and other free-standing, outdoor play structures for children. Amenities like these offer a manner of living that is simply not available in most ordinary subdivisions.

Play structures are also commonly set up in close proximity to prominent features like the community’s pool, or near the putting green. This allows children to have some fun while their parents are enjoying their own amenities.

Parks are another regular feature in master-planned communities, and no park is complete without an offering of outdoor play equipment! Parks complete with play structures designed for kids of multiple age ranges offer children a place to hone their motor skills while enjoying some physical exercise.

And then of course, there’s the central community playground itself. The playground is always a good venue for developing friendships with other kids in the neighborhood. Playgrounds and play structures inside a master-planned community are not just social junction points for kids, but for their parents, grandparents, and guardians as well. Adult family members who accompany children during their play time thus have a great opportunity to be able to socialize with other parents and adult members of the community.

Many master-planned communities also have some type of outdoor water play facility – like a splash pad – installed with their own accompanying play equipment. These are some great spots for relaxation, and for community building as well. Site amenities like these aren’t just for fun; they can really help the development grow into a strong, closely-knit community.

Play structures and other leisure resources help establish and nurture bonds among those who live in the neighborhood. Though facilities like these may be viewed as nothing more than just a place of recreation by some, leisure facilities are actually more than that for residents in master-planned communities. Facilities complete with the latest commercial playground equipment, bike trails, swimming pools, golf courses, and other outdoor play structures inspire family social gatherings. Constant interaction and communication among family members and fellow residents strengthen relationships and friendships, which in turn, gives the planned community an identity of its own that’s truly unique and distinct from other communities.

Living in a master-planned community designed with these benefits really a good investment for families. Such communities are an ideal ground, not just for raising children, but for gaining many life-long friends. As the old adage says, “home is where the heart is.” In some ways, making a home inside a master-planned community is like making a home anyplace else. But the fact that master-planned communities come with special amenities & facilities like play structures, lakes, and other outdoor play equipment is a clear advantage. These facilities don’t just serve to entertain; they offer a chance for people to become happier and more whole individuals within a real community. For this reason, choosing to reside in a master-planned community really is a smart move for you and your family!