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Why Choosing the Right Local Commercial Playground Provider & Installer is ImportantWhy Choosing the Right Local Commercial Playground Provider & Installer is Important
Playground Equipment Apr 18, 2022

Why Choosing the Right Local Commercial Playground Provider & Installer is Important

Since first introduced in America over 135 years ago, playgrounds have never gone out of style.

The first community playground in America was installed in Boston back in 1885, and playgrounds have been a staple of American children’s culture ever since. But playground equipment has evolved quite a bit since those early days, and today’s commercial playground equipment is much safer, more durable, and needs much less maintenance than its antiquated counterparts. Modern commercial playground solutions are also better designed and engineered for meeting the needs of children of all ages and ability levels, too. Even so, one thing has remained constant after all this time. Playgrounds still offer tons of outdoor recreational fun and exercise for children!

Planning to have a commercial playground installed for your school or organization? Excellent plan!

If you’re ready to engage more children and young families – no matter whether you operate a school, preschool, church, park, HOA, community group, municipal group, or private business – then there’s no better investment to make than in an outdoor playground facility. What’s beneficial about installing commercial playground equipment, you ask?

  • Creates a safe, fun space for children to play, exercise, and make social connections
  • Also allows parents and adult visitors to socialize while the children play
  • Gives new residents a chance to get to know their neighbors
  • Promotes a better sense of community identity and helps foster a positive community culture
  • Makes your organization more attractive to families with young children

There are also several specific benefits for the children who will use your playground:

  • Encourages children to get outside and play, rather than being stuck on some screen indoors
  • Improves kids’ physical health and supports important motor skills development
  • Helps children develop better social skills and also gain essential communication skills
  • Enables children to flex their imaginations and tap into their creativity
  • Provides essential stress relief for modern life’s challenges, and fosters a sense of wellbeing

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But which play features are right for your organization? Commercial play equipment is really best.

Granted, your organization probably prefers to save money and cut costs wherever possible. But a children’s playground is one of those areas where you really can’t afford to skimp or cut corners. The only type of playground that’s engineered to work well for groups and organizations is one that includes, rugged, low-maintenance, long-lasting, age-appropriate equipment that’s also properly installed. Essentially, this is what we mean when we use the term commercial playground. But can’t you just buy some playground equipment from a box store and put it up yourself? For your own background, yes, but for a school or community organization, no. That’s a safety risk you can’t afford to take, and many localities actually require commercial-grade playground equipment to be professionally installed on any property that’s zoned for commercial or public use.

The best play facilities in NC, SC, VA, and TN are installed by Carolina Recreation & Design!

If you recognize the value of quality equipment and quality installation workmanship, then look no farther than Carolina Recreation & Design! We never install anything that we wouldn’t trust for our own children to use and play on! Here are a few features worth noting about the exceptional commercial play products we offer:

  • We’re proud to partner with Henderson Play as our preferred commercial playground equipment manufacturer. These steel-fabricated play elements feature galvanized steel tubing with FIVE LAYERS of protection against any corrosion, chipping, or fading. Each metal component is finished with a zinc primer, then topped with a modern polyester powder-coat paint that’s electrostatically applied and cured in a dedicated manufacturing facility.
  • All plastic elements feature UV-stabilized colors and an anti-static guard. Sheet plastic and roto-molded features are all made from quality polyethylene, and an anti-skid HDPE is added for all products which require extra traction for added safety. All plastic elements are extra-thick, colorfast, and engineered for both effective performance and durability. And all finished pieces are hand-inspected before being finally approved for consumer usage!
  • The play decking we provide is fabricated with tough 12-gauge metal that’s PVC-coated for safety. And speaking of safety, each piece goes through an extensive 6-stage wash system that leverages environmentally-safe chemicals for better paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. A heat-activated primer is then applied for final adhesion to the metal substrate. To sum up, it’s a thorough process that doesn’t cut any corners!
  • We share these specific details simply to reinforce the fact that you won’t find better quality commercial play equipment than that engineered by our partners at Henderson Play!

Carolina Recreation & Design is the local playground & recreational equipment professional you can trust

We know that there are several brands and products available to you when it comes to selecting commercial playground equipment. But it’s really about more than simply choosing the playground features and play elements you like. It’s also essential to choose the right local professional with the tools, experience, and know-how to install all of your playground equipment properly. 

In addition to playgrounds and playground equipment, there are many other valuable outdoor facilities and amenities that Carolina Recreation & Design installs for groups in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee; here are just a few:

  • Playground structures & equipment
  • Playground surfacing & safety surfacing for other outdoor recreational features
  • Swing sets
  • Splash pads
  • Sports & fitness equipment
  • Themed play pods & components
  • Fabric shade structures
  • Picnic shelters
  • Prefab restrooms
  • Amphitheaters
  • Gazebos, arbors, & pergolas
  • Essential site furnishings & amenities including picnic tables, benches, & trash receptacles


Carolina Recreation & Design delivers complete site solutions!

Sure, we’re happy to provide great play products and equipment, but that’s just the beginning. We also offer professional installation services for everything we sell, and that includes everything from safety surfacing, to handrails, to guard rails & barriers, to sun shades, mounted cameras, covered outdoor structures, seating areas, and more.

Of course, installation isn’t typically the first step in putting in a playground or other outdoor feature. There’s usually some site design and site preparation work that will need to be completed on the front end. And that’s another area where Carolina Recreation & Design can add even more value. We’re not just playground and outdoor structure providers; we’re also general contractors!

In other words, our full-service solutions include everything from site design and site prep, to obtaining necessary permits, to providing electrical, water, & sewer hook-ups, to installing fencing, paving, landscaping, stonework, masonry – whatever you need! We’re here to provide turnkey site solutions for you, from start to finish!

Most of our competitors won’t – or simply can’t – go the extra mile for you like we can and do at Carolina Recreation & Design. Ready to get your perfect commercial playground solution in NC, SC, VA, or TN? You can connect with us online through this simple form, or for an even faster response, simply give us a call at (704) 664-1833 today! Carolina Recreation & Design has you covered! We’re all about providing you with the absolute best value for your investment, with a clear focus on safety, and a keen eye for FUN!