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Why Choosing the Right Playground Equipment Provider MattersWhy Choosing the Right Playground Equipment Provider Matters
Playground Equipment Oct 29, 2021

Why Choosing the Right Playground Equipment Provider Matters

A Brief History of Playgrounds in America

It’s hard to imagine a time when American children didn’t have access to playgrounds! Even so, everything has its beginning, and that includes playgrounds too. The idea for creating a central, organized outdoor play area for children was first brought to Boston by Dr. Marie Zakrzewska of Germany back in 1885. The Boston Sand Gardens were the first supervised playground in the US, followed a few years later by the Charlesbank Outdoor Gymnasium, which also opened in Boston.

Playgrounds – and playground equipment – have come a long way since those early days. The swings, seesaws, climbing elements, and other features of modern playgrounds are a far cry from those originally constructed in Boston over 135 years ago. Today’s commercial play equipment is much safer, requires much less maintenance, and is also much better designed to suit children of various age and ability levels. But one thing about playgrounds hasn’t changed in all that time – they still provide tons of active, outdoor fun for kids!

Thinking of Installing a Commercial Playground for Your Organization? Good Call!

If you’re serious about attracting more children and young families to your organization – whether you’re a school, preschool, church, park, HOA, municipality, community group, or business – then there really is no better investment you can make than in an outdoor play facility for the good of children and families in your area. What are the benefits of putting in your own commercial playground equipment? There are many!

  • Creates a safe space for children to be able to play, exercise, and socialize
  • Presents an opportunity for parents to socialize while their children play
  • Gives new residents a chance to make connections with their neighbors
  • Promotes a better sense of community identity and helps to build a positive culture
  • Makes your organization more attractive to families with children

And don’t forget about the numerous benefits of playground activity for children in particular:

  • Encourages children to engage in outdoor play, something sorely needed in an age of excessive screen consumption
  • Improves kids’ overall physical health and supports motor skills development
  • Helps children develop better social skills and gain important communication skills
  • Enables children to develop their imagination and creativity
  • Provides children with needed stress relief, and enhances a better sense of wellbeing

But Which Type of Playground to Choose? Commercial Play Equipment Is Your Best Option

Most people – and most organizations – like to save money wherever they can. However, a playground facility is one area where you really can’t afford to cut any corners. The only kind of playground that’s worth investing in for your organization is one that’s well-designed, rugged, low-maintenance, made-to-last, and well-installed. In other words, what we’ve described to you is your need for a commercial playground. Don’t just settle for buying something off the shelf and trying to put it up yourself. That’s a safety risk you really don’t need to take, and you’ll probably end up spending a lot more time, effort, and cost in playground maintenance and repair, too.

If quality and craftsmanship truly matter to you, then you should partner with Carolina Recreation & Design if you’re located in NC, SC, VA, or TN! For starters, we never install anything that we wouldn’t trust for our own children to use and play on! Here are a few features worth noting about the commercial play products we provide:

  • We’re proud to source Henderson Play equipment for playgrounds. Our steel-fabricated play elements feature galvanized steel tubing with a full five layers of protection against corrosion, chipping, and fading. And all of our metal components are finished with a zinc primer, and then topped with a high-quality, polyester powder-coat paint that is electrostatically applied and cured in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Our plastic elements have UV-stabilized color pigments and anti-static guard. Sheet plastic is high-density polyethylene (HDPE), while roto-molded slides, roofs, and other products are medium-density polyethylene. Anti-skid HDPE is used throughout our product line wherever we feel extra traction would enhance safety. All plastic elements are manufactured with extra-thick walls and colorfast materials for better performance and durability. In addition, each piece is hand-inspected to ensure excellence of product.
  • All of our play decking features PVC-coated, 12-gauge metal. All parts are cleaned with a state-of-the-art, 6-stage wash system which utilizes environmentally-safe chemicals and nanotechnology for excellent corrosion resistance and paint adhesion. After cleaning, a proprietary heat-activated primer is applied for superior adhesion to the metal substrate. In other words, we don’t skip any steps!
  • In short, you won’t find a better play equipment manufacturing process than the one followed by our partners at Henderson Play!

Why Carolina Recreation & Design Is Your Best Playground Partner in the Southeast

We understand that you’ve got several options when it comes to selecting a commercial playground provider in the Southeast. But it’s not just about choosing the right playground equipment. It’s also essential to choose the right partner who can install your playground properly, and is also well-equipped to help you with all of your outdoor site needs. And that partner is Carolina Recreation & Design!

Here are just a few of the many ways CRD can serve your outdoor facility needs:

  • Playground structures & equipment
  • Playground safety surfacing
  • Swing sets
  • Picnic shelters
  • Splash pads
  • Fabric shade structures
  • Sports & fitness equipment
  • Themed play pods & components
  • Prefab restrooms
  • Amphitheaters
  • Gazebos, arbors, & pergolas
  • Essential site furnishings & amenities including picnic tables, benches, & trash receptacles

At Carolina Recreation & Design, we do lots more than simply sell great play products and equipment. We install everything we sell, and we can also provide safety surfacing, handrails, barriers, sun shades, mounted cameras, covered outdoor structures, seating areas, and more. In addition, our full-service solutions include everything from site prep and design, to permitting, to electrical, water, sewer, fencing, paving, landscaping, you name it! We’re not just playground and outdoor structure providers; we’re also general contractors. In other words, we can do whatever is needed to provide you with a complete site solution, from start to finish!

Most of our competitors simply can’t – or won’t – go the extra mile for you like we do at CRD. Ready to get your perfect commercial playground started in NC, SC, VA, or TN? Give us a call today at (704) 664-1833! You can also reach out to us online by filling out this simple form, if you prefer. Carolina Recreation & Design has all your commercial playground and outdoor site needs covered! We’re all about providing you with the absolute best value for your investment, with a clear focus on safety, and a keen eye for FUN!