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Why Playground Equipment Is a Smart Investment for Your HOAWhy Playground Equipment Is a Smart Investment for Your HOA
Playground Equipment Sep 04, 2020

Why Playground Equipment Is a Smart Investment for Your HOA

There’s really a lot to like about living in a community that’s managed by a homeowner’s association (HOA). An HOA neighborhood is designed to be clean, well-kept, and safe for its residents, and HOA homes often enjoy higher property values as a result. But one of the biggest draws to living within an HOA are the many built-in conveniences and amenities. This low-maintenance lifestyle often includes perks like managed lawn care and landscaping, pest control, consolidated utilities, and trash service, and convenient access to recreational and other site amenities

Why a Playground Makes Sense for Any HOA

One of the most popular and essential amenities to be included in any HOA is a playground for children. Why? Many HOAs contain a significant percentage of families with young children, so it just makes sense to include amenities that are designed to engage that demographic. If your HOA is serious about attracting young families, then you’ll want to invest in some facilities that actually give children something constructive to do. And there’s no better outdoor facility for engaging children than a playground, or a playground/park combination!

More Specific Benefits of Playground Equipment & Play Structures for HOAs

One of the best things about living in an HOA neighborhood is the sense of connection it offers. Each family and set of residents may be very different, but they have all chosen to live within a planned community for some specific reasons. One reason that shows up on nearly everybody’s list is the desire to socialize and have a sense of belonging. And no one needs to socialize and develop their sense of belonging more than children!

Here are some specific benefits to having an HOA community-based playground:

  • Defines a safe space for children to play, socialize, and make new friends
  • Creates an opportunity for parents to connect with other families while their children play together
  • Gives new residents a chance to meet their neighbors in a casual, non-threatening manner
  • Promotes a better overall sense of community identity and establishes community pride
  • Makes your HOA community more attractive to other prospective residents

And let’s not forget many of the particular benefits of playground equipment for children:

  • Encourages outdoor play amongst children, which is needed now more than ever in this digital age
  • Improves children’s physical health and aids in motor skills development
  • Helps children to develop better social skills and ability to communicate with their peers
  • Enables children to be more imaginative and creative through play
  • Gives children needed stress relief and gives support to better mental health & sense of wellbeing

Making Some Playground Plans for Your HOA? Go with Commercial Play Equipment

Everybody looks for ways to save money when they can, and HOAs are certainly no different in that regard. However, in order to create the right kind of play ground facility for your community, it really doesn’t pay to try and cut any corners. You really need a playground that’s well-designed, well-built, rugged, low-maintenance, and built to last. In other words, what you need is a commercial playground. Settling for lower-cost, low-quality equipment is a safety risk you really don’t want to take; you’ll also end up spending more in repair and maintenance costs over time, too.

That’s why quality and craftsmanship matter to the folks at Carolina Recreation & Design. We won’t sell or install anything that we wouldn’t trust our own children to use! What do quality and craftsmanship look like when it comes to the right commercial play products for your HOA?

  • Every steel component is precision-engineered & galvanized, welds are hand-finished, and each metal component is hand-cleaned, phosphate-washed, and sealed.
  • All metal is chrome-sealed, coated with epoxy primer, and then finished with durable poly TGIC powder. The total finish coat is 11mm thick, setting the highest standard in the industry.
  • All plastic elements are manufactured with extra-thick walls and colorfast materials for better performance and durability, and each is hand-inspected for excellence.
  • In fact, each and every part is hand-inspected by trained technicians before leaving the manufacturing facility. You won’t find a higher quality process than the one followed by our manufacturing partners at Carolina Recreation & Design!

Why Carolina Recreation & Design Is Your Go-To Playground Solution

Of course, choosing the right playground equipment and play structure products is only part of the equation. It’s also essential to choose the right partner who can install your playground properly, and is also equipped to help you with all of your site preparation and site amenity needs. At Carolina Recreation & Design, we do a lot more than just sell great play products and equipment. We also offer and install safety surfacing, handrails, barriers, sun shades, mounted cameras, covered outdoor structures and seating areas, and much, much more!

We’ve worked with a number of local HOAs, and we’ve also partnered with local parks, community centers, schools, daycares, churches, and businesses. Our full-service solutions include everything from site prep and design to permitting, electrical, water, sewer, fencing, paving, landscaping, you name it! In other words, we don’t just offer exceptional products, we actually go the extra mile to provide complete site solutions, start to finish!

Ready to get started on your perfect HOA playground in NC, SC, or VA? Give us a call today at (704) 664-1833! You can also reach out to us online by filling out this simple form. Carolina Recreation & Design has all your commercial playground and site needs covered!