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The Importance of Playground Equipment Safety
Outdoor Playground Equipment Oct 29, 2021

The Importance of Playground Equipment Safety


Did you know a child in the US gets injured in a playground-related incident every 150 seconds? That’s why playground equipment safety is so important. Check out this helpful infographic from Carolina Recreation & Design to learn more!

Here’s a sampling of what’s inside

Some Physical Solutions for Better Playground Safety

One thing you can do to make your playground safer is to install some helpful safety equipment, like:

• Safety surfacing

Falling from playground equipment is the most frequent kind of injury which occurs on playgrounds. To prevent or minimize injuries, each outdoor play structure or play equipment features should include safety surfacing. Engineered wood fiber surfacing should typically average 12 inches in depth. Other safety surfacing options include rubber or synthetic turf with an engineered foam pad for attenuation.

• Handrails and barriers

The absence of barriers on elevated play platforms, bridges, and ramps can easily lead to an accidental fall. Barriers and slide-sit rails are an integral safety feature for any elevated play structure.

Adult Supervision Tips

Another key to providing for better playground safety is to make sure that parents, teachers, and adult caregivers provide the right supervision. Here are a few supervision tips you’ll find in the infographic:

  • Look for loose or broken play features before letting children onto the playground. Don’t allow use of any equipment in need of repair.
  • Make sure that no playground equipment has become too hot for children to use. Play equipment which sits in full sunlight can quickly become potentially hazardous for children.
  • Ensure children are using play equipment designated for their age and ability level.

Check out the full infographic from Carolina Recreation & Design!

Check above to view the whole infographic for yourself!